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DEAR CHRISTINE: Outside woman getting his money


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Dear Christine,
I have known my husband for 20 years and have four children for him.
He was naked and hungry when we first met and I worked to help him. He was never able to put a cent in my hands. I begged, borrowed and did everything else except take a cent from another man to get us through.
Christine, now that this man is working and getting money, do you know that he now has another woman and is giving her all of his money? He does not give to me or his children.
On top of all this, when he comes home he makes noise for the best to eat and drink and calls me all kinds of names.
Had it not been for my family, I would have died long ago. Please help!
– BG
Dear BG,
You are going to have to help yourself by making some changes around the home.
I am sorry to know that after all these years of helping your husband, he has become an ungrateful, selfish person, who has also seen it fit to break his marriage vows. The most painful thing must be to know that he gives his earnings to another woman.
Here’s my take: you must teach him a lesson in the most peaceful of ways. If he does not provide you with money, then he cannot expect you to provide him with the “best”.
Just don’t have anything ready for him when he comes home. Let the other woman feed him. Look after your children and yourself with whatever help you get from your family and let him hunt for himself.
The way he is treating you is not right. I am not saying that you must fight fire with fire – and you’re not doing so – but sometimes actions speak louder than words. A man who does not provide for his household when he is capable of doing so should not expect to sit down to a meal prepared for him in that household. It’s as simple as that!
Don’t think I am being harsh. My sincere wish would be that he comes to his senses and realizes that he has a family who need him. He also must think about all the times you were there for him when he was down and out.
Don’t fret when he comes your way. Left peacefully alone, he is likely to come to his senses faster.
I would be interested to know how things are in a few weeks’ time, so do drop me a line.


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