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No plans for staff cuts at BL&P


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THE HEAD OF EMERA CARIBBEAN says there areno immediate plans for large scalejob cuts at the Barbados Light & Power Company (BL&P).
In an interview with the SUNDAY SUN, Sarah MacDonald, who oversees the operations of BL&P from The Bahamas, conceded that it was a consistent fear expressed by staff with whom she has had meetings to introduce herself over the past few months.
“Anytime someone comes in . . . people are expecting the worse and BL&P has not changed hands for a long time,” she said. “This was new to them and so the answer that I gave them and the answer that I will give you is that there are no plans to make significant changes to the business. That is not the way Emera does business.”
At the same time, MacDonald who also runs the Grand Bahama Power Company, made it clear that there were no guarantees in business.
“What I say to the employees and I know it makes them a little uncomfortable, is that there areno guarantees. Change does come,for example, with renewables.The introduction of renewables –and large amounts of renewables, changes the kind of make-up thatthe organization will need.
“It can impact our growth path.It can impact the kind of technologies we have and the kind people and skills that we need,” MacDonald said.
She also highlighted technology that allowed for automatic meter reading which could eliminate the need for meter readers.
“The industry is changing quickly, more quickly than it ever has with new technology,” she added.
“While we have no plans for major restructuring things will change. . . . Even the change to the Light and Power Act is a big change but we want to make sure that we communicate with our employeeson an ongoing basis so that they know and see a lot of these changes coming long in advance.” (GE)


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