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FLYING FISH & COU COU: Still a law unto himself


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A professional body is now checking with lawyers on how they can rein in a member who, despite being barred from certain activities, is still engaged in them.
Cou Cou has been reliably informed that the individual has not stopped practising their craft in the manner they used to prior to being told by the entity they could not do so. The body prohibited them, on paper at least, from getting down to the heart of the matter in their profession as the individual did not meet their criteria.
Despite this stricture, the person has continued doing their thing, ignoring the order.
It would seem the only way the entity will get this individual to heed is if they can pull the spark plug permanently from them. And to do so will mean major legal manoeuvring.
Tension rising?
Facebook fans are wondering how a certain known Barbados Labour Party member who took a different view of the comment made by Chris Sinckler against Mia Mottley, and said so on the social medium, will be viewed by the party in the future.
Cou Cou was told this individual posted words to the effect that there shouldn’t be complaints about what Sinckler said as Mottley also says things about people.
The remark was however quickly removed.
Those who heard about it are now wondering what would have possessed this individual to make such a post in the first place, and why they got cold feet so quickly after they put it up.
Could it be the individual was spoken to by an older, wiser head? Or was the person made to realize that at this time their personal view should remain just that, and the party should be presenting a united front?
More on this later.
Total chaos
A Government department has been the scene of pure bacchanal lately with one woman verbally abusing another for her husband.
The situation has reached the point where the police have been called in to warn the provoker to stop her abuse.
But the question being asked is what the police would really do if she breaches that order, as the man at the centre of the dispute is a non-gazetted officer in the force.
Cou Cou understands that the woman who is responsible for doing the blocking has the intellectual capacity to know better, but for some reason is behaving like the people she serves daily.
What people can’t understand is why this woman, who has two university degrees and a child for a professional, would behave to her colleague like this after the two of them were close friends for years and work in the same building.
The people are saying that either this lawman’s grip on this woman’s heart has her not thinking straight, or she is just frustrated that her colleague is not leaving her husband though she knows he is sleeping with her.
Staff in shock
A Trini-owned business is scaling back as the downturn in the economy continues to paint its balance sheets red.
Cou Cou understands that a high percentage of this particular company’s business is with the Government, but because the administration has been slow in paying its bills, they are now owed millions of dollars with no prospect of how soon the owed sums will be paid.
The leadership of the company recently announced to senior staffers that they can no longer hold strain and will be letting go a number of people shortly.
People at the company are now walking around in a daze waiting for the axe to drop.


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