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MAVIS BECKLES: Christmas is here again


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Oh yeah, here comes Santa Claus and the reindeer; here come songs, songs of fun, friends and laughter. Here come presents under a dazzling tree full o’ tinsel, lights and candy canes. Here come children laughing and expecting lots and lots of gifts. Here come cool windy days and very chilly nights. Here comes food, food and more food.
This is how I know it is suppose tuh be but um ain’t so nuh more; Christmas has changed so very much from Christmas long ago. It is not dat ya want tuh go back tuh dem days or would like tuh relive dem days fuh dat matter, ’cause ya ain’t a child nuhmore.
Ya grow up and have come tuh see life through very different eyes. But when ya think of it, in dem days ya had so little and always seemed tuh have so much; people used tuh share out o’ the little duh had and dat was tuh me, one o’ the most beautiful things about Christmas.
I doan mean tuh paint a negative picture ’bout the Yuletide Season, ’cause the songs of goodwill, glad tidings and great joy are still here, and evahtime ya hear one, ya have tuh sing along as it brings back some good memories. It gives you a nice feeling and it brings a smile tuh ya face.
But Christmas has changed; nowadays it brings along wid it a lot o’ beggars, tekkers and complainers. People who believe dat somebody owe dem something, duh now want something fuh nothing.
Duh ain’t prepared tuh give nothing tuh nobody but duh believe dat somebody is suppose tuh or should be giving dem. As far as they are concerned, Christmas is a time of giving, you giving me.
Fuh the crooks who go in tuh town only tuh relieve people o’ the lil bit duh got in duh purse, dem is the tekkers. The ones who, year in and year out, refuse tuh drive a stroke
fuh a boy but as some o’ dem would tell you; dem have tuh live like anybody else, as if you stopping dem from living. So dem does pounce pon poor unsuspecting people and carr’ way wha’ lil’ bit duh got. Dem is the ones who ain’t got nuh kinda conscience at all.
Christmas has a way of bringing out the beggars; like dat old Christmas song by Sach Moore does ask: Wha’ ya gonna gimme fuh Christmas? These is the ones who does have a list of evahthing duh want fuh the Christmas season. Duh cupboards have tuh be full o’ evahthing dat evahbody else got; but duh ain’t intend tuh pay one cent fuh nutten, duh does beg fuh evathing and then brag bout it.
Then ya have the complainers, the ones who believe dat evahbody else got or getting and not dem because somebody owe dem; somebody is responsible fuh the position dem in. Dem is the ones who would make you believe dat it is evahbody else fault and not theirs. Dem is the ones who like tuh point duh fingers at people and say dat if it wasn’t fuh this body or the next, dem would be able tuh enjoy a merry Christmas like anybody else.
Dem is the ones who does complain bout the prices, the Government, the church, the young people, the schools and anybody else. But yet still these is the very people who you would see evah single day down town shopping like duh gine mad but duh still complaining ’bout evahthing, every time Christmas comes around.
But then duh have the people who, come hell or high water, dem does make up duh minds dat dem gine enjoy Christmas at all cost.
So, here comes Christmas again, fuh you, me and evahbody else.
• Mavis Beckles was born and raised in The Orleans. She has an opinion on everything.


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