Sunday, March 3, 2024

PUDDING & SOUSE: Piper calls the tune


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One of Rihanna’s friends, also a wannabe star, has been seen posting videos about her bestie’s achievement on Instagram.
What the public is wondering is when will she add a post about her mother’s big achievement which was recently publicized.
I guess it goes to show that who pays for your trips, clothes and new assets gets your loyalty to the end.
One tall riddle
Pudding and Souse recently received this letter. Perhaps our loyal readers can try to solve this riddle!
Who am I?
My boss is about the height of Adolf Hitler and a little bit like the energizer bunny.
He talks and talks at every given opportunity from North to South, on matters that do not concern him.
In short, he is an authority on just about everything under the sun including a good business idea and how a house should be constructed.
I, on the other hand, am the complete opposite. I am taller, smarter and say very little. I also do what I have to do knowing the day of reckoning cometh soon.
Dirty laundry
IT Seems that there is a big dispute brewing between two families in a housing area over hanging out clothes in their verandahs.
Apparently one woman is walking around telling everyone that she cannot understand why her neighbours have to hang out all of their clothes in their verandah almost every day.
But this family wants her to know that she lives at the front of the road and she keeps putting her laundry on her next-door neighbour’s line including all of her undergarments, in full view of the public.
At least their unit is in the back so the public cannot see their laundry.
Talk about airing dirty laundry in public.
Breadcart under cover
Colleagues of a woman who works at a high-end private community on the west coast cannot believe that she has been hiding her pregnancy for so many months.
Apparently the workers were shocked when they recently found out that she has gone off on maternity leave. They are now realizing that when everyone thought she was hiding her belly with a new big bag because she was getting fat that she was actually concealing her pregnancy bump.
The workers have also been piecing together information and realizing that she stopped her early morning greet and gossip after her tummy started to rise. They want to know if she kept her pregnancy a secret because of the fact that she has two children in their 20s and a child who turned one earlier this year.
Proud father
Congratulations go out to the man from St James who wears a khaki uniform who is now the proud father of a bouncing baby boy.
As the old people say, you can hide and buy land but you cannot hide and work it.
The fellahs are now wondering which girl he is going to be seen with and who will finally get his ring.


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