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Blame game going around


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A CERTAIN GROUP seems to have difficulty in deciding whose job it is when it comes to taking tough decisions.
In a case reminiscent of the story about four people named Everybody, Somebody, Anybody and Nobody, where Everybody blamed Somebody because Nobody actually asked Anybody, it seems the buck doesn’t stop at any one of these influential individual’s desks.
Instead, they blame a set of people infamously called an army of occupation whenever things go wrong.
In the latest incident, the faceless members of that abused army were blamed for the way they handled the axing of the workers in the group’s pet project.
But a disaffected soldier told Cou Cou he and his colleagues are not to blame for the bungling. He said the ministry responsible for the programme was told to put in for a supplementary to pay the workers, as there was no more money available for the project. They did as they were told but four days before the end of the year, word came that it was not approved.
His colleagues then had three working days to clean up the mess by telling the people they would no longer be employed.
The veteran soldier said it is therefore unfair to blame them for what happened because they literally had three days to get names and things put in place. They just did the best they could in the time they had.
He said his colleagues are very disappointed too that no responsibility was laid at the feet of those who had to know about the action from the get-go.
But he reasoned when you’re low on the totem pole, you are blamed for everything and can’t answer back.
Time to call it a day
THE YOUNG WARRIORS of a clan dedicated to fighting all injustices here are appealing to a veteran to exit gracefully.
From what Cou Cou has been told, it is not a case that the young soldiers do not respect the old warrior’s strengths and past glories. Rather, they are fed up with the individual engaging in what appear to be the back-room manoeuvres, which are not helping to build unity among their ranks.
They want the battle-hardened warrior, who once said that only when one goes through the sternest test can one become the finest steel, to realize the enemy is not within their ranks. They particularly want the person to stop anyone and everyone who may be seeking to foment such unnecessary tension from doing so.
One of the young warriors was overheard saying, too, that this veteran should remember his classical education about the world being a stage with all the men and women merely players with their exits and entrances.
And it is time he made his exit without fuss and protect his worthy legacy. 
Politics of exclusion
A NUMBER of people are waiting to exhale about being left out of a series
of meetings to decide who and how many will make an important list.
They are vex that those in charge have ignored them and have only spoken to their two big-up colleagues.
Those close to these angry folks told Cou Cou they feel those in charge have unwittingly sowed the seeds for destroying the pact that has kept everyone with an issue talking to each other by not including their friends in the series of meetings. And they have likened the strategy to the colonial days of divide and conquer.
But from what our informers warned, if anyone belonging to their friends is on that list, it is going to be “cat piss and pepper”.


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