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Cries falling on deaf ears


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RESIDENTS of a small community next door to St Leonard’s Anglican Church would like their prayers for help answered.
For several years, garbage has been piling up on a vacant lot at Tudor Gap, Westbury Road, St Michael, home to about six householders and they fear that the unsanitary conditions could affect their health and that of their children.
In addition, two coconut trees growing on the lot are now leaning towards two houses, including that of an elderly resident, Hyacinth Byer, and she is worried that the trees could collapse at anytime and damage her home.
Her son, Dennis Byer, who has lived in the area most of his life, explained that he had telephoned health inspectors, the area’s parliamentary representative, the Ministry of Transport and Works, the Sanitation Service Authority and the Barbados Light & Power to get the lot cleaned and the trees cut, but to no avail.
“The man who lived on the land died about 20 years ago and people have been coming from all over and dumping on the land,” he said, pointing to several bags of garbage, old wood and other debris on the vacant lot.
Byer pointed out that a group of young men from the surrounding neighbourhood use to hang out on the land and would cut the trees.
“I asked them to cut the two coconut trees and they looked at them and told me call Light & Power.”
Byer said he called the electric company about three years ago and they responded by cutting the branches which were growing into the electrical cables but they told him that they could not cut the trees.
“The branches grow back into the wire and I have been calling Light & Power to come back and trim the branches but nobody has come,” he lamented.
He said that he had also called the tree cutting department at the Ministry of Transport and Works but no one had responded either.
Another resident who did not give her name reported that about 10 years ago the owners of the land who live overseas, visited the area and promised to have the lot cleared often but she said the promise was not kept.
“At night I see some big rats running around in there and little children always out there playing. People does come and throw dead animals in there. Even the other day I?had to sprinkle some white lime on a dead animal,”?Byer said, adding that the stench from the garbage was also unbearable.
“This is only a small neighbourhood but we feel neglected. Branford Taitt, Joseph Atherley and now Michael Carrington ain’t do nothing for we. This situation out here is a danger to these houses,” he said.
When contacted, the officer-in-charge of the tree-cutting programme at MTW, said this was the first time she was hearing about the dangerous trees at Tudor Gap.
She promised to have the matter dealt with, while Carl Padmore, communications specialist at the SSA, also indicated he was not aware of the situation and would have the matter investigated.


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