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Moment of truth near


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WILL THERE BE a big explosion, or another meek withdrawal?
That’s the question many are asking now a certain politico has given a hint of where he stands on an important matter.
Insiders have told Cou Cou that the individual will be holding a meeting today with some of his key people to decide his next move.
They said the individual is incensed that no one has taken his views on board on the important matter despite his credentials being more worthy than the person who signed off on the action to be taken. Apparently, what he had prescribed would have seen no one having to sacrifice their livelihood, unlike what the person on the job planned.
Cou Cou was told, too, that if this man decides to act, his bite will be as devastating as his bark.
They feel, in contrast to what others are suggesting, that this politico has no choice now but to show his manhood, given that the action he was against has begun in earnest. For sure, the ball is now firmly in his court.
Ticket no guarantee
A NUMBER of family members of top politicos have become casualties of Government’s lay-offs.
Cou Cou understands a few nieces and nephews and nuff cousins got their walking tickets yesterday. At one place, in particular, long-time friends and supporters were axed too, and none of them are happy.
An insider said what happened to these politicos’ relatives, many of whom were employed only after 2008, demonstrates the Government has stuck to “the last in first out” principle and was even-handed.
However, an Opposition operative is scared what happened so far could be a ploy for a major hit on people assigned to the public service prior to 2008. That individual reasoned that so many people were hired since 2008 that it was inevitable families connected to politicos would be impacted when the cuts came.
So he is expecting that in the trimming to come, a lot of people who think they are safe will not be.
Driver sitting pretty
POLICE OFFICIALS are whispering their satisfaction at a development involving a certain official.
It seems this individual has a new driver, who happens to be a relative of his. But that’s not the problem.
Their concern is that the driver is a rookie who has no significant training and understanding of security detail for an official with such a high profile.
They point to the fact that earlier this week when the official was engaged in public duties, his new driver stayed in the car with the air conditioner on for the several hours. The young driver did not even leave the vehicle to take lunch. He just sat there.
Showing his colours
A CERTAIN POLITICAL neophyte is getting on people’s nerves with their behaviour.
This person has been using their high-profile job to dismiss people who are not of the same political persuasion as talking foolishness.
People expressing concern about the individual’s behaviour have said the person should still try to be as balanced as possible, as that has been the normal practice before by others who were employed in that role.
These people see the shift from constant criticism of an opposition politico to endorsement of that individual’s professional ability as the neophyte pushing the party line again. That is, a divide and conquer strategy against the opposition by building up one person and dissing the other.


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