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BLABBERMOUT’ BABSIE: Wishin’ an’ hopin’ an’ prayin’


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Weepin’ an’ gnashin’ o’ teef all ’bout dis place dese pas’ couple weeks. Job cuts startin’ to bite, puttin’ ’nough people ’pon de breadline, an’ de number right now en even near de 3 000 Guvment plan to sen’ home.
Ef t’ings lookin’ so bleak fuh Bajans a’ready, wuh gine happen when we reach dat number?  Well, as Philomena p’int out, so much fuh election promises.
She en know why people don’ onderstan’ dat mos’ times politicians “night talk” ’pon flatforms when duh tryin’ to “butter yuh up” fuh yuh vote en de same as duh “day talk” in de House.
All o’ dem done know wuh gine really happen, once duh get up dem Parliament steps. Life does change right away – better fuh dem, wussa fuh we.
De way she road tax tek dah onconscionable jump right after de 2008 elections, was enough proof . . . an’ wuh ’bout food prices? dem drop yet? All election promises!
Girl, we in “potter” an’ dah en no lie. Anybody wid any kin’ o’ sence ought to know Guvment had to get drastic to get we finances outta dis mess.
After dilly-dallyin’ wid all de advice – some good, some bad – from people dat would know, de economy reach sech a slump dat Guvment c’n do neffin less dan start cuttin’ back ’pon  duh bigges’ expense, staff  salaries –  not dem own doh; dem don’ believe in leadin’ by example.
De “machete” now swingin’ lef’, right an’ centre an’ nuff people feelin’ de chop, fair or not.
It don’ seem dis ax gine circle wide enough to ketch ministers. I been hearin’ a lot ’bout puttin’ “all han’s to de plough” to straighten we out, but I got a funny feelin’ duh t’ink dis medicine en fuh dem. Yes, de worl’ situation tight, but dem would know it en de onlies’ reason fuh we troubles.
Philomena niece was ’mong de people dat get sen’ home las’ week.
Philomena tell muh it din surprise she after de way dat girl used to get on at de job, an’ she got no sympat’y fuh she.
An’ she cyhan get no help from she wid money neithuh – not one red cent! Philomena was ’pon de warpaf, but when I hear how she niece used to behave, I could onderstan’ she vexation. 
Evah mornin’ as God sen’, dat girl would get in late, cool as cucumber, an’ befo’ anyt’ing else, she sittin’ down to read de paper. She din produce much wuk when de day come – last to arrive, firs’ to lef’, an’ always ’pon sick leave an’ walkin’ ’bout.
How she en get sen’ ’way befo’ now is a mystery. Funerals was she “hobby” – sometimes two in one day, one mornin’, de nex’ in de af’noon –  an’ blue vex when she c’n get de time off.
As Philomena say, she stop dey a whole ten years as a “temporary” an’ ’stead o’ mekkin’ sure ’bout she job, she jes’ idle ’way de time; she din believe she sins would finally fin’ she out? An’ now got de gall to talk ’bout gettin’ onfaired.
She, an’ ’nough mo’ like she, now payin’ de price. I sorry doh fuh all de hones’ ones dat been wukkin’ hard all dese years an’ now get ketch in dis net. How fair is dat?
A feelin’ o’ despair now replacin’ de firs’ reaction o’ anger at losin’ duh wuk, as people wonderin’ how duh gine survive.
But dis is a Christian society – at leas’ dah’s de impression yuh get from de number o’ churches ’pon de islan’ – an’ now is de time to show brotherly love towards yuh nighber. “Sharin’ an’ carin’” should be we motto from now on.
Diff’rent organisations startin’ to come to people rescue an’ hopefully, it won’ be too long befo’ t’ings ease up. Neffin, good or bad, does las’ fuhevah!
Tek care o’ yuhself.
Yuh frien’, Babsie


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