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I CONFESS: Regret the days I met S and C


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I AM A good woman who has been hurt by two ungrateful men. This is what happened. I was 17 years old when I lost my virginity to a hard-back man. He was 29 years old and works at a well known rural supermarket.
That man, one of whose names begins with S, is a no-good womaniser who only wanted me for sex – nothing else. He didn’t care about my feelings, only his needs and pleasure.
Yes, I was young and naïve at that time. I really and truly thought he cared about me, but I was so wrong. All he cared about was getting between my legs.
I so regret the day I met S. My life with him was a nightmare – seriously.  When I asked him to do something for me he used to  have a lot excuses. In fact, as long as it didn’t have  anything to do with him and I having intercourse, he had a problem being there for me in any way.
He was a horrible man who, one day, will regret losing me because I loved him – and in this life it is not easy to find someone to love you for you.
In October 2012, I met another guy whose first name initial is C. I met him on social media and started chatting on Facebook. After we chatted for at least three months we finally met on Old Year’s Night. I was so nervous that night, but it turned out to be a terrific time.
After that experience, I thought C was the guy for me. But you know when you meet people everything tends to go well for first time, but afterwards comes trouble.
The problems between us started happening when we were out at a restaurant. He started going on about personality and background not about feelings, which should be the basis of a relationship. I immediately knew something was wrong.
What caused his attitude soon showed. He was talking with another woman. The thing was, she had a boyfriend whom she broke up with and sent C an email telling him that she wanted to be with him. So he left me for her.
After a while, she and her old boyfriend started talking again, so eventually she told off C and went back to him.
C came back to me, and I took him back because I loved him.
Everything was good again and we being happy with each other – at least it seemed that way.
Then C met – online – a woman from one of the islands and wanted to leave Barbados to be with her.
After that episode, C had a fling with a woman who became so obsessed with him that he had to run her out of his life.
All the while I remained with him. It seemed like he was testing me to prove that I loved him. I stood and took it, but it wasn’t easy. I used to get migraine headaches sometimes going on for two days. It was a really painful time.
But I have now come to my senses. I realise that C, like S, does not love me. He likes people around him who really don’t care for him, but those like me who did, he hurt us.
I put up with his bad treatment for far too long. He likes to dictate people’s lives but can’t even deal with his own.
He acts as if he is God and judges you in the worst way possible though he wasn’t there in your life when you were struggling and in pain. He is just heartless. The thing is, C comes from a dysfunctional family. They are nasty people who don’t acknowledge him or his career, but enjoy his money.
His sister cheats on her boyfriend and his father wears all of his clothes, and his family just mashes up his stuff.
C doesn’t like to confront things like me. Instead he always says time can heal issues. But the truth is that, like a little boy, he prefers to run from issues.
My experience with C and S has made me wonder what type of men can tell you that they love you, make promises they don’t keep and, despite all you give to them, hurt you.  I call those men ungrateful bastards. You go through hell for them and they repay that love with betrayal.
I so regret the day I met C. I hate him so much only God knows.
But I take heart in knowing what goes around comes around. I will always be true to myself. I will never pretend to be something I am not.


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