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FOREVER I DO: Looking for Prince Charming


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Since 2001, the Forever I Do dream wedding competition has been inspiring people to believe in love.
Bachelorette Satya Collymore is one such person, and while she is the first to admit that she can sometimes be cynical, she is still optimistic that her perfect relationship is somewhere on the horizon.
The young, aspiring film-maker is clear and concise about what she desires in a partner, with emotional and spiritual connectedness topping what is surprisingly not a very long list.
“I have never had very handsome boyfriends by society’s standards. But my Prince Charming would have to be someone I am attracted to, not only physically but emotionally and spiritually. He has to love me with everything he has and I want him to be inspired by me and likewise, me by him, and because I am an artist, he has to be someone I can bounce ideas off.”
Even though Satya loves to be doted on, she strongly believes that spending too much time together can ruin a relationship. And it is an absolute must for any man vying for her attention to take her out partying. Not because she is a party animal but because she believes that partying brings out the more uninhibited side of people.
“I need to see how you are going to behave in such a setting. I want to see how you are going to behave around my friends, how you are going to be when you come to family events. I want to see those sides of you and while spending time is very important, familiarity breeds contempt and we still need our time apart but when we are together I love to cuddled and hugged. I love my hand held and for that special person to tell me that I’m beautiful even when I’m sick.”  
On Satya, chivalry is not lost and she advises fellow bachelorettes not to lower their standards in the name of love.
“It is difficult to be that upstanding woman and not be tempted. Men tend to be just about the physical aspect of you sometimes but the physical aspect of a relationship is not the only important part. We need to be strong as bachelorettes and demand more from our men. Be your own person and know yourself. Know what you want and be disciplined in what you want.”
But Satya also understands that she too, has to play her part in upholding her end of the relationship. She insists she is not “naggy” under the right circumstances and admits that she is working on her sense of humour.
“I am also working on me but if you are not calling or spending time or checking on my wellbeing . . . if you do not hug me or do what you’re supposed to do, then I will nag you till thy kingdom come,” she says with a laugh.
“But I am very nurturing and I love to take care of the people I love. With me, you would never have to worry about your well-being. I love to take on your problems. I am a strong believer in working it out together and talking about your problems.”
But as the saying goes, men are from Mars and women are from Venus and on the other side of the fence is Kwame Rawlins who embraces his life as a bachelor, seeing it as stress-free and easy. And as one who loves to travel widely, having no strings attached, is ideal.
“Being a bachelor is a lot of freedom. There is no having to check in and you have the choice of having female friends that you can spend time with without stepping on anyone’s toes.”
For a bachelor like Kwame, having someone who shares his interest is important.
“I love the beach – I love to swim, scuba-dive and body board. I also love anything adventurous like hiking, canoeing, rafting or zip lining. Playing tennis and basketball are also some of my hobbies.”
So in addition to being an outdoorsy kind of girl, Kwame’s ideal lady would also have to be loyal first and foremost and beautiful second. Intelligence is also not too far down his list.
“I would also like someone who is goal-oriented, someone who I can learn something from – who pushes you and recognizes who you are. A genuine person who is loving and friendly and who everyone can get along with. Someone who is domesticated and can cook and clean and love to spoil her husband would also be nice.”
And he would take his turn in the kitchen but jokingly declares that he is not open to doing so in the early stages of a relationship, for fear of having the lucky lady fall too deeply in love, too early on.
“I save the cooking for the best. I bring experience and wisdom to a relationship along with my sense of humour. I’m also very understanding and very down to earth and very good at giving gifts as I am attuned to the likes and dislikes of the person I am seeing.”
The lover of Star Wars and generally anything sci-fi, is still very much a hopeless romantic at the core.
“Don’t settle. Love is not reserved to a list you can follow but when you meet that someone, you feel it. You will have to make alterations to your list but you must also realize that you are not perfect either and you must accept that.”
For both Satya and Kwame, love is still just the right person away. And what they will both admit to is that seeing couples in love gives bachelors and bachelorettes alike, a ray of hope.
“Having that love is a dream come true in this day and age. Relationships are very difficult. I commend those couples. I would love to fall in love and find my Prince Charming. so it is nice to see them.” Satya says.
Kwame agrees.
“Competitions like Forever I Do reinforce that there is still true love. It is out there and not as rare as it may sound and it can work out.”


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