MAVIS BECKLES: Like walking on eggshells


YOU EVAH REALISE how ya does have tuh watch what ya do or say, tuh who, how ya say it and even when ya say or do it?
Wha’ I cahn understand is that evahbody nerves like duh on edge. Ya got tuh be real, real extra careful ’bout what ya say and do, hear? The slightest thing dat happen nowadays could blow up into something major just so.
Okay, all ovah the world, all kinds o’ strange things happening and nuhbody ain’t got nuh kinda answers nor control ovah nothing nuh matter how much education we got.
Another thing is this: it is like nuhbody ain’t got any kinda common sense. Evahbody seem tuh be running headlong in tuh all kinds o’ situations like duh cahn seem tuh reason wid demselves or fuh demselves. Some people just going wid the flow, just so.
Recently, given the way how things have been going, not only here, but all ovah the world, I have been taking the time tuh sit back and watch how some people are reacting and responding tuh, as duh say, life’s trials and I ain’t gine tell ya nuh lie: some people got a lot.
It is interesting, though, when ya look at some people who are doing duh best in the worst o’ situations. Duh got another set who barely holding on by the mere mercies o’ God but duh got faith and believe dat things will turn around one day. Then, on the other hand, there’s another set who cahn seem tuh cope at all and who ain’t doing suh good at all.
Now, we know dat evahbody cahn lose duh job. How in the name of heaven the country will run? But dah ain’t the point. It doan matter tuh some people. All o’ we know dat it is all o’ this sort o’ thing so dat is affecting and unsettling people and causing duh nerves tuh be on edge all the time.
Look, it takes nothing fuh some people tuh blow up and lose it fuh the slightest li’l thing. Somebody tell me the other day dat Bajans like duh doan smile nuhmore. She say dat one time ya coulda make a li’l joke wid anybody, even if ya ain’t know dem, but nowadays ya does have tuh check ya’self before ya start up any kinda conversation wid some people ’cause duh might yam off ya head as they might be having one o’ dem bad days, so ya might have tuh tip-toe ’round dem and let dem be.
Well, we know dat evahbody is in a heated rush nowadays; nuhbody ain’t got nuh patience.
It is like being the only body/car waiting at the traffic lights when they finally change. All of a sudden, another vehicle appears out o’ nowhere and the driver start tuh blow the horn hard and loud fuh you tuh go along as if dem was there in the line all the time waiting. Now, if you barely miss and look back and doan move right away, duh gine lean pun dat horn all the time and ya might even hear dem hollering at you tuh guh ’long.
Look, one o’ the other things dat I does have tuh smile at is this: from the time ya ask somebody how things going wid dem or how things going, duh does start tuh wail and lament and tell you how hard things are. How duh cahn get nuh money and how hard things are.
Doan talk ’bout if you miss and bring up this Government and wha’ duh doing  or ain’t doing at all; look some o’ dem, despite how hard it is fuh dem, duh will still cut ya throat. So when ya see dah sort o’ thing, ya does just settle back in tuh ya li’l shell and let it pass. That is tummuch eggshells tuh walk pon, boh!
• Mavis Beckles was born and raised in The Orleans. She has an opinion on everything.


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