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Musical ‘daedreams’


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Her creative mind weaves tales of acceptance – whether for physical challenges or personal taste.
The hip hop artiste’s hopes for a better world have inspired her work, baptized in easily relatable Christian-driven messages geared to a largely young, urban audience without being too “preachy”.
However, she confessed that many churches or Christian radio stations in Barbados were not playing her music.
“And the way churches are structured in Barbados, I probably would not be invited to perform at many churches, but that is not my fault,” Adaeze, christened Camille Evelyn said in a frank interview with WEEKEND BUZZ. “I think that what I am singing is for every audience, including a Christian audience, especially since everything I say comes from that view.
“I try not to let it upset me, but it does. I feel like God is big and [He] uses people in different ways, and everyone is going towards the same thing . . . I feel like the way I say and deliver things might be a little different from Glory To The Lamb, but it is the same message.”
However, she was not out to change anyone’s beliefs just so she could be included.
“I wouldn’t want to force the church to do anything. If your beliefs are what it is, I think you should stick by it, so they are not obligated to try to include me. I think God is gonna use whoever, and everything will all work out in the end . . .”
But anyone slightly familiar with the Daedream knows the artiste will keep her head to the sky: “Gospel means to bring good news, and I am bringing good news,” she wittily replied.
Her latest message of inspiration comes with One Love, a song released in January.
Despite releasing music in the past (Daedream, This Is The One, I Ain’t Trippin’) this was Adaeze’s true debut.
“I have put out a lot of music, but in terms of something that says this is who I am, this will be the first one.”
The single has been getting good rotation on a local radio station and steady hits and good buzz on YouTube, and other social media platforms. It may look like an album is in the horizon, but Adaeze says she is still experimenting with her music.
“There is always a battle between how commercial to be and how completely out of the box to be, or not . . . That is just an extension of personal development and being yourself and that would transmit into the music.”
Adaeze will showcase her skills tonight at Champion Sports bar.
Rocking the local scene for the over a year, also turns heads for her distinctive style of dress. No doubt a popular question at interviews, Adaeze told WEEKEND BUZZ the fashion sense, reminiscent of the June Ambrose’s colour palette and the coolness of Janelle Monae, drew both admiration and questions.
“I was walking through town and I put on headphones because I didn’t want to hear people. On a good day I can bear it, but sometimes it can be so irritating when people can pretend to know something about your morality, intelligence, sexuality or anything about you,” the former Harrisonian revealed. “I have heard a lot and that includes people who are close to me.”
But she admitted that many of her clothing choices were not worth the analysis it received. The youngest of three children, the first time Adaeze bought clothes was as a student of the University of Florida.
“I needed clothes and I just got creative with what I had,” she said.
“But if I were to get into it, I would say I mix urban with formal, or strange colours you don’t expect, because to me it is like writing or song or making a beat – you just try to find a different way to do it. To me, it is all art.”

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