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MAVIS BECKLES: Beauty in eye of beholder


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Ya could talk all ya like, skin all kinds o’ cuffins or even beg like dog; if some people cahn appreciate anything, they will destroy it or try tuh destroy it.
They just doan know how tuh appreciate anything good, anything beautiful.
So if the authorities doan put measures in place tuh protect it from these types o’ people so, instead of it being a place of beauty, it will be a place tuh be scorned once again.
I know you could guess what I talking ’bout because it has been all over the newspapers, pon television and pon evahbody’s lips. I talking ’bout the two new greening spaces just completed in Bridgetown. The one there by the Central Bank, the Tom Adams Financial Centre, and the Constitution River.
I ain’t get the chance tuh look at the one by the Central Bank yet, but I pass by the Constitution River quite often and think it is beautiful.
I never thought dat somebody could transform dat place into something so lovely. It look like something ya would see in a magazine; it is just nice and I would like it tuh stay just like dat.
Look, I doan mean tuh sound negative but duh got too many stupid, lawless people walking up and down in this country who nuh matter how hard ya try tuh make a difference in this country, duh like duh would do any and evahthing in duh power tuh destroy it.
They doan seem tuh see the beauty nor the value in it, so dem gine mash it up.
Like the trees on Spring Garden, out there by the flour mill, when some lawless people break down all the lovely trees dat duh had planted there all longside the road.
And fuh what reason?
Then the people had tuh take up fresh money and replace the trees.
Now the other day I read there how duh skin ovah some o’ the pots in Broad Street and mash up some o’ the palms dat just by being there changed the whole face of Broad Street.
I gine tell you something now: I have done a fair amount o’ travelling and I have seen some o’ the most beautiful parks and gardens: some o’ dem so beautiful dat it does make ya close ya eyes, ya cahn seem tuh take it all in.
One of my favourite places in the world is Vancouver. If it is one place I would live if evah I had tuh live away from my sweet Barbados is Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.
The place is always clean; it always look like the grass in every park, next tuh the lakes, around all the houses, is cut every single day.
Well, ya know dat the rain does fall out there a lot, so the trees and grass always look green and lush all year round. But apart from dat, the place is clean, clean, clean; no pieces o’ paper flying bout nuh where.
Another place dat I went tuh dat I could not get ovah was Singapore. From the time ya get off the plane and walk in tuh the terminal, ya does see dat dem people doan make nuh kinda sport when it come tuh cleanliness.
The place look clean from the airport tuh the restaurants, tuh the schools, tuh the streets tuh the malls, tuh every single road. Look, ya doan even see bush long-side the road in Singapore. You could imagine dat?
Let me tell you something: when I was there – and I mean this is going back a good few years now – duh was talking ’bout banning chewing gum because people, young people especially, does take it outta duh mouts and stick it under chairs or tables.
And look, let me tell you, these ain’t the only two places dat I went tuh where keeping a country clean and beautiful is something major. It is just two examples.
I believe dat people have tuh love demselves and have pride in duh country. I pray dat the Government would keep on some o’ the people who do the roadside beautification tuh not only clean, but keep lawless people from mashing up a good thing.
• Mavis Beckles was born and raised in The Orleans. She has an opinion on everything.


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