Thursday, April 25, 2024

PUDDING & SOUSE: Pastor sent packing


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A CERTAIN CHURCH LEADER who led his congregation with an iron fist has finally packed up and left Barbados after being involved in another major scandal.
Three years ago nothing was done when he attacked the mother of another church leader and insulted her East Indian ancestry. However, recently when he launched a similar attack on his Caucasian secretary, the hierarchy of the church quickly gave him two days to pack up and leave.
While the congregation, who have been suffering silently under his leadership, are glad to see the back of him, many of them believe that he should have received a harsher punishment since he is going to go into another church and continue “terrorising” the congregation.
Some of them even told the hierarchy that no number of Hail Marys can change this man.
Now that he is gone, the church will have to rebuild its base because during the years he was in charge several members left the church, displeased with his domineering attitude.
Stationery shortage
SOME POLICE STATIONS are so short of basic supplies that if this situation is not rectified it may soon be difficult to even charge criminals.
Word reaching P&S is that supplies such as stationery, including charge sheets and notebooks for officers to record evidence, are hard to come by these days. Some stations have to be calling other stations to get these much needed supplies.
Members of the force are saying this is the first time that they have experienced such severe shortages of essentials and they want to know if they have been included in Government’s cutbacks.
They say if this so the situation needs to be arrested as soon as possible because it is having a dire effect on law enforcement.
Spoil sport
PEOPLE who attended a recent competition were taken aback by the attitude of one of the people selected to hand out the prizes.
Apparently, the person was more than a little upset that someone she used to be close to had done so well in the show and she was no longer on such terms to be able to share in the spoils.
Those in attendance were shocked by the negative behaviour.
They say that instead of being upset she should have been glad her friend was able to finally operate at the top of his game.
Wolf in the sheep pen
A DISTRAUGHT family would like to know why a certain man who is accused of raping a teenage family member is still being allowed to be around schoolchildren on mornings and evenings.
The family want the authorities to apply the brakes on this man.


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