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DEAR CHRISTINE: Missing her and want her back


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Dear Christine, I met a young woman, whom I will call Debbie. We were lovers for about four years but always had difficulty with finances. This resulted in numerous fights, until one day we decided to call it quits.
I keep wishing that we would get back together, but I am not sure she’ll want us to. Sometimes I know I need to forget her and move on, but it’s so hard to do so.
Whenever I go to familiar places where we’ve spent time together, I see her face, but I also think about the times we disagreed over how we were spending money when we were together.
The truth is, I cannot seem to get her out of my system. I want her back. Can you help?
– D.A.
Dear D.A.,
It seems to me like you’re still in love with this woman, and why not? If you have issues which need to be ironed out, just deal with them.
Why do you need to forget her and move on? If you had tried to win her back and she told you bluntly she was not interested, I could see your reasoning.
The truth is, right now you have no idea whether or not she hates you or misses you, because you have been wallowing in self-pity.
The thing with relationships is sometimes we tend to remember the things that went wrong, rather than the good times we had with the person we love or once loved.
It is so easy to remember the fights, quarrels and disagreements that we forget those intimate moments, such as holding hands, having candlelight dinner together, sitting back watching television, or just enjoying each other’s company.
Stop sitting around wondering and take some action. You may be surprised at her response; but you won’t know until you reach out.


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