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HEALING HERBS: Determination a great healer


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Silent doctor determination is a necessary quality needed in large doses by Caribbean people during this time of economic restructuring.  
In reality, determination means not giving up. It is one of the best healing prescriptions on earth and an excellent remedy for those who have given up. I implore you not to give up during this tough period.  Instead, we must become more innovative, adjust to change and ensure that we eat balanced, holistic meals served with silent doctors as teas and beverages. Additionally, just remember that as we undergo the stress which accompanies economic restructuring, that exercise, prayer and forgiveness are also necessary tools.   
This week the focus is on a young physically disabled Barbadian who demonstrates that each of us is created with a spirit of resilience.
Forty-four-year-old Roger Braithwaite, of Glebe Land, St George, is an excellent example of determination. He is also a fan of silent doctor Moringa. Nevertheless, we attended primary school together and Roger was always a happy, cheerful, intelligent young man whom the girls loved.  
However, in 1994 he fell from an ackee tree and remains paralysed. His road to recovery was laced with many setbacks including surgery, deep tissue gas gangrene, crawling on the floor because he could not walk, loneliness, boils on his tongue (he could not eat for almost three months) and serious depression.
He credits his family and Ms Karen Drakes, a double amputee, for assisting with his recovery.
Facing the reality of his condition, Roger wants to inspire readers to be determined.
Every morning he always prays and normally exercises by doing pull-ups using a T-bar on his bedroom door and rolling his wheelchair through the valley. After this impressive start Roger goes through his day with happiness.   
He also inspired me when he said his motto is: “It is not time to give up; fight to survive or give up and don’t survive”. Roger said that many of the people whom his met on this journey are dead because they may have given up. However, he stressed that “I am not looking back”.    
Roger is a very positive and impressive speaker. He is true to himself and remains an unsung hero of determination for the able and disabled.
• Annette Maynard-Watson, a teacher and herbal educator, may be contacted via or by telephone 250-6450.

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