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FLYING FISH & COU COU: Deaf ears may sour talks


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ANSWER ME, PLEASE answer me.”
It was not a request to hear an old standard from the late Nat King Cole. Rather, it was the plea for solidarity from one bossman to another.
Word is that there may not be that smell of sugar in the air this weekend because one man just won’t answer his phones – not the landline, the cellphone, and not even the hotline.
But ignoring Stalker’s ole time friend is not such a good thing. This regal man, who has led many other men up and dow,n was not at all amused.
Those sitting at his round table said his fuse was very short this week.
So short that ignition was imminent with the right combustible elements around.
Besides that, insiders told Cou Cou that since he has been building some mass through lifting a lot of weights and working out in recent times, it was only a matter of time before he flexed his muscle and show he can still command oohs and aahs from his supporters, some of whom have been calling on him to get into a pose-down.
Waking up the dead
IF SAINT PETER had to come a-visiting, he would be awfully shocked by what some people say is the total lack of respect shown the dearly departed in their resting place on the way to Moon Town.
Rather than voices lifting up in sweet melody, tongues were wagging how the vehicles are parked all over the place and asking: “Why had this been allowed?”
The concerns were loud and statements made that if there was a synagogue connection or people praying five times daily looking to the east, this aberration would not have happened.
So the question waiting for an answer: is this how the man who just took control of the bank and wants to own the country really cares about the native people?
What a surprise
THINGS HARD AND TIMES TOUGH in every nook and cranny in this isle and across the region.
So when the money men friendly with the Eskimos asked who would like to go, and hundreds more than required asked to set them free, it was a big surprise.
The situation became scarier when all in one settlement said in unison, we in the town of George all want to go.
This situation has caught the friends of Stephen, Justin and Thomas by surprise. And while most will not get the super lotto like their former friend from the spice isle, they are eager to go.
But at $40 grand a month, plus housing and luxury vehicles, men will carry out orders.
Lesson for bossy woman
PEOPLE AT THE pavilion in Belleplaine were making sport of the buxom bossy politico woman from Taitt Hill a night this week.
They told this bossy woman that they hoped she has learnt her lesson for trying to push her overweight self.
Only two years ago she was down at Holders Season and made sport of this slim girl from Spooners Hill.
But the bossy woman get ditched since that time by the little Hitler character.
Now two men that don’t like to talk got nuff respect for the slim thing.
Soon from now that charming woman will be in far Rockaway and on Eastern Parkway.
But the bossy oversized politico ain’t going nowhere and seemingly has few prospects for the limelight again as few people of clout seem to want her.


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