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I CONFESS: In love with mother’s boyfriend


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I HAVE a confession.
I’m in love with my mother’s boyfriend. Before you judge me, please let me tell my story.
I live with my mother and my little sister. I am 23 years old.
I had a boyfriend but he was beating me a lot and I had to leave him. I cried for weeks and weeks but I knew I did the right thing because the physical abuse was getting worse. He beat me up so badly that for a while I?was suffering with nose bleeds and I had to go to the doctor.
I loved him so much for three years and would have given him anything.
But I?couldn’t take it no longer. One day he beat me in front of my mother and my sister. He only stopped when a neighbour came to pull him off me because he pushed off my mother when she tried to get him to stop beating me.
I saw what it did to my family and what it was doing to me, so I left him.
I was single and was happy and all was well with my family. My mother was also happy because she started to see someone.
I knew she was liking somebody because she started to go out more and more and she was on the phone a lot and laughing all the time. She was happy and it showed.
One day my mother introduced her new boyfriend to me and my little sister.
He was tall – about 6’ 3” – and good-looking. When she introduced me, I couldn’t stop staring at him, he was that good-looking.
He then started to come around all the time and even started sleeping over and I?could tell my mother was really happy.
They used to go out all the time and it was good that my mother was having fun again. But I was jealous.
I wanted to have fun and secretly I wanted to have fun with her boyfriend.
I felt guilty and really bad because I shouldn’t have been lusting after my mother’s boyfriend.
I found myself dreaming about him and thinking about it. I longed to see him when he came over and I put myself in positions where he had to notice me and look at me.
I even started to dress differently when I?was home. I looked for the shortest shorts and I stopped wearing a bra when I was home too. I made sure that I showed some skin to get him interested.
He would look but he would always look off. It seemed nothing I did would make him bend to me.
Then, one night when I knew he was coming over I took a shower and planned in my head that I?would come out of the bathroom and walk to my bedroom naked as I was born knowing that that would do the trick.
My mother’s boyfriend was right there on the couch so I knew he would have to see me as I passed by.
My mother was in her bed sleeping so I?knew I?was safe and he was fair game.
I walked out the bathroom with water dripping and I saw him look up and he looked at me, scanning my body from head to toe. I went into my bedroom thinking he would follow. I waited and waited but nothing. I even fell off to sleep naked on my bed.
The next morning I was awoken by both my mother and her boyfriend. I saw the look in their eyes and knew exactly what was coming next.
My mother told me how disappointed she was in me because of what I?was doing and what I?had done the night before.
It seems that her boyfriend told her all that I was doing to entice and lure him into my arms.
My scheme never worked and since that day my relationship with my mother was never the same.
Her relationship with her boyfriend strengthened and he is now my stepfather.


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