Online drivers’ manual launched


The streets of Barbados seem to be driven by lawlessness, the editor of a local driving manual has said.
Director of Fun ‘n’ Sun Publishing Inc. Robert Pitcher, has advised Government and police to pay increased attention to the establishment and enforcement of laws governing reckless behaviour by pedestrians and drivers, especially ZR operators. He was speaking to the media at the launch of an online drivers’ manual, held at the company’s 4th Avenue Rendezvous, Christ Church offices yesterday. The manual can be found at
A points system for drivers was among Pitcher’s suggestions.
“I would like that [the police] give them (drivers) a warning, and as you add up the points, if they don’t adhere to the law then you take them off the road . . . [If the driver is] close to [their] maximum of points, the police will take away the licence, and the ones who depend on driving for a living will adhere . . .”
“I am certain that if you are a driver and you have a family to support and the points system goes into play, [if] the licence is taken away from you and you don’t have money to support those little children or to support your wife, you will either comply or become a criminal . . .” (LW)


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