‘Fairness’ first


Leader of the Opposition Mia Mottley said last night that since the cutting of the public service was Government’s only choice, then “the Prime Minister of Barbados’ first obligation (was) to uphold fairness as embodied in the Constitution that says that public entities or officials must not discriminate”.
Speaking at a packed Barbados Labour Party branch meeting at St Christopher Primary School, she said even the Dems were angry and had already cast judgement on the Prime Minister and Minister of the Environment Dennis Lowe over the former’s ability to resolve the matter of nearly 200 layoffs in less than 60 seconds by sending it to the Employment Rights Tribunal.
Stating that Lowe had a brother and two sisters still employed with NCC after starting work in 2009, while the general manager has a brother, nephew and niece still on staff, Mottley called on the Prime Minister to be fair and do the right thing by the citizens of this country.
“The PM can resolve this matter by saying to his minister through his Cabinet, reinstate the people, and if you have to send home people, use the criteria which the Social Partnership agreed to in the Protocol,” she said.
She added that people from other parts of the country outside of the minister’s constituency who had entered the NCC before 2008 were now being sent home in a most savage way.


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