Pork set-up at Gym


The “staggering” set-up costs for the popular Pork Limes has forced organisers to find a home base.
Originally set to move around to different venues this season, Anthony Layne of the Contact Band which stages the lime said it cost between $30 000 and $35 000 per event, and it was not feasible to have them on the move. He said there was still a possibility of having some of the Pork Limes away from the base at Fete City at the Garfield Sobers Sports Complex, however.
“In terms of the set-up cost of the infrastructure to move the Pork Lime it is very costly. It is even more costly than we had anticipated. So we will still have that [moving] kind of on the radar, but we will most likely be based here at Fete City,” he said.
Because of increasing costs of staging the limes which run through August, Layne said the question of an admission fee was raised, but he said the Pork Limes will continue to be a free event with food and drink on sale.
“We have taken it into serious consideration . . . . Right now it is no. For the future we may have to. But I would prefer not to,” Layne said.
The Pork Limes will kick off next Friday night and Layne said they took pains to ensure that the issues people in the surrounding areas complained about when the limes were previously held at the Lime Sports Club, had been ironed out.
The stage and speakers is set in another direction, there is parking at the gymnasium and they have done sound checks to ensure that people in the surrounding areas will not have to complain about the noise.
Two of the additions this year will be a Kidz Zone and a food court. The limes will run to 1 a.m. each night. There are seven limes on this year’s calendar running between June 6 and August 8. (YB)


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