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PUDDING & SOUSE: Woman bites feeding hand


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A MAN found out the hard way why some people do not help others.

The damsel in distress turned out to be nothing more than a parasite, content to live off of charity rather than help herself.

Even worse, when confronted about her behaviour, she tried to destroy the character of the one person who actually cared about her situation.

From what P&S was told, the Government worker met the woman in the course of his job and felt real empathy for her situation. Though not a man of means, he decided to donate a few dollars to help get her back on her feet as she had lost her job, and she and her children were on the verge of being evicted from their rented home.

Now unlike many men, this compassionate man did not give the woman assistance with strings attached. He is a Christian and felt he should do this. And from day one he had told his wife what he was planning to do and she was involved as well.

The man used his contacts to get the woman on welfare as she and her children were legitimately in need of help. Then he got his church to start a drive to assist those in the congregation and others, like this woman, with food items and a stipend. They kept this going with various fund-raising drives.

Over the months this woman lived sweet on welfare and gifts from the church while getting money through a number of male friends. The conscientious man told the woman she should not be living this lifestyle and that she should try to get a job at a gas station or shop to help her pay her bills as she would soon have to come off the church’s roll for assistance.

The woman cussed him. Then, she called the man’s wife and pastor and accused him of wanting to live with her and because she refused, he was cutting her off the church’s roll for assistance.

It took the man’s wife to put the ungrateful woman in her place.


Cost of cup of water

IS IT FAIR to pay $2 for a glass of water?

That’s the question from some patrons who attended a fete recently at a popular location.

Some friends ordered drinks, while their friend said she only wanted a glass of cold water.

At first she was offered a bottle of water for $4, but she said she did not want so much. She just needed some ice with pipe water in a glass.

So the stall owners complied, then promptly charged her $2.

When the woman baulked at being charged, the server told her he was up to every trick people came with.


Fed up with attitude

A SMALL MAN is creating a big problem for a group of professionals.

The problem is the man’s attitude. His colleagues complain he is mean and does not do things properly.

And as their pleas to remove him have fallen on deaf ears, they have voted with their feet. That is, many of them have been calling in sick on a regular basis, putting real pressure on the entire service.

Those in the know want the acting boss to deal with this situation before it gets further out of hand.


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