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ALTAR CALL: Too many in church ‘not really saved’


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TRANSFORMATIONAL CONVERSION is needed in the church today. And just as the homosexuals are coming out of the closet, it is time for true believers to come out of the closet and fully align themselves with the God whom they serve. It is also time for them to stand on and confess the Word of God if they are to experience change in their lives and circumstances.

In a passionate message and plea last Thursday night, Reverend Paul Watson of Messiah’s House Wesleyan Holiness Church, St John, charged those attending the Fellowship of Northern Churches gospel crusade in Speightstown, St Peter, to speak and pray the Word of God over their circumstances and allow the very Word to transform their lives.

In a fiery sermon, Watson declared: “Too many people stay in church and bring their pet behaviour into the church because they have not experienced transformational conversion. We are not seeing born-again people put off the old man – the sins of the flesh such as lying, fornication, adultery, pornography and stealing.”

He told his listeners to burn the books and videos they should no longer be reading and watching and be transformed.

Watson lamented that a lot of people in churches were not really saved and as such, there was no transformation taking place in their lives.

“They come to the altar but there are no tears, no brokenness, just a handshake, a presentation of some literature and they join the church. There is no transformation taking place; no putting off of the old and putting on the new. They are not speaking or living the Word of God which has power to transform. There is no real change.”

Stressing the importance of speaking God’s Word to effect change, Watson said he was convinced people needed to spend more time reading and speaking the Word of God.

Drawing reference to a number of scriptures, including 2 Corinthians 4:13 and Proverbs 18: 21, he said “there is great power in the Word of God” and transformational conversion was bound up in the power therein.

“The Word of God has power to bring about change. We know the financial, domestic, personal and other barriers in our lives. If we will speak the Word of God over these barriers, obstacles can be removed.

“God’s Word causes things to happen; it brings about change. The only way we can return God’s Word to Him is by confessing it. The only way we can get the blood of Christ to our lives is to use the Word of God; to declare the Word because God’s Word has power to accomplish what it is to accomplish.

“We are saved by confessing with our mouths. We first have to confess we are sinners and that we need God in order to be saved. Unless we open our mouths and speak, nothing can be accomplished,” Watson added.

He also said today’s generation “will not be won by simply preaching but by the demonstration of the power of God”.

“Some people, including this present generation, will not come to Jesus Christ until they see His power and glory at work; until they see miracles take place.”

A combined worship team, together with young, vibrant dancers, formed part of the service, which was well attended by pastors and ministers from the north. Bishop Gerry Seale of the Pentecostal Assemblies of the West Indies was also in attendance and briefly addressed the congregation.

The two-week crusade, which concluded last Friday, was held under the theme Answer The Call: Let Jesus Into Your Heart Today.

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