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DEAR CHRISTINE: Where have our morals gone?


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Dear Christine,

I AM WRITING, not to share a personal problem, but to make an observation.

​I am a Christian and have been concerned with the problems you deal with daily – problems too common in the homes of our nation which include young and old alike. We need to pull together to solve them. Too prevalent are fornication and adultery.

Usually this happens when one partner is running from his or her responsibilities.

Many claim to be Christians but their way of life is contradictory because they do not obey the high moral standards which Christ stressed as being of the utmost importance.

One real problem is that the older generation does not teach the younger generation not to have sexual intercourse before marriage.

That the older generation has learned by the way of error and experience should encourage them to warn the younger ones in their care.

I do believe this is where we as Barbadians have failed. We must teach moral cleanliness, commitment and responsibility in our schools, churches and, most of all, in our homes.

We must not only teach but live by example.

Christine, I would like to hear your opinion on this matter.

Praying For This Nation

​​Dear Praying For This Nation,

I do agree with you that there is much cause for concern over the type of living too many of our youngsters and even adults are indulging in. And there is no doubt that major contributing factors to this situation are a lack of discipline and most of all, a lack of example.

Just the same, we have a lot of intelligent youngsters and I would hope that they themselves can take control of their lives. No one has to be what someone else is, even if that person is a close member of the family.

With easy access to all the information on the results of careless living, they should be able to find the moral strength to reject that which is detrimental to their bodies and souls. Of utmost importance is the need for them to turn to their Creator and His Word for guidance and instruction.
Too many parents today are not sending or taking their children to church or teaching them spiritual values, and so the moral fabric of our society continues to erode.

Just as there is information and encouragement, pressuring them on the bad side, there is also information on the better way of living. Each of us just needs to take time to read and understand. Outside of this, our very consciences guide us but many are apt to ignore their conscience.

Even young people must take control of their lives.
There are enough human wrecks to cause the average intelligent person to make the right choices.

We are human and we will err, but we must learn to recognise our mistakes and try to overcome them with or without the help of anyone.




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