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What’s Trending: Mall shock


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The Nation’s Online Editor Sherrylyn Toppin looks at What’s Trending today in Barbados.

Ken White, security consultant at Sheraton Mall, wants parents and guardians to know that the venue is not a day-care centre.

According to today’s Weekend Nation, White says, parents are dropping off underage and pre-teen children at the mall, sometimes for the entire day and night.

He charged that they were getting up to mischief, including buying and consuming alcohol.

The situation came to a head last Tuesday when more than 500 converged at the mall for $6 Tuesday at Olympus Theatres, but several adults who were at the venue were shocked by the behaviour.

Police are investigating after fights broke out.

Most online readers were not shocked at all by the behaviour of some of the children, but were very concerned about the sale of alcohol to minors.

Glenn Damon Clarke: If children watch the last movie they could well be going into midnight, then the parents pick them up. But wait, these are the same “children” who go Foreday Morning by themselves, Kadooment by themselves so ya can’t blame the theatre.

Colin Daniel: Help me understand who is selling alcohol to these children. This was the biggest issue to me in the article. If the security people know that they are stores selling alcohol to underage children, why has the matter not been addressed by the police? Selling alcohol is a licensed activity. If the vendor violates the law then they should lose their license.

Auntie Jackie: No shock, I know of someone who also left their child there on a daily basis but it was not for the Olympus, another area of entertainment. The child had enough money to be there for the day and night……scary but true.

Kim Welch: Well they can’t get into the cinema unless the owners/workers let them in…so both parents and cinema to blame…

Michelle Stephens: I hope authorities investigate and charge their parents with a heavy fine.

Shawn Brathwaite: I have had my share as a security officer stationed to work Olympus. And it is true that parents drop off these children and pick them back up after midnight. I have had my share of escorting a good set out of the cinemas for bad behaviour. It’s about time that something is done about this.

Jennie Moodi: Who [is] selling the alcohol to the minors? Charge them.

Angela Thompson Branch: Back to school now, day care done.

Lisa Waithe: I took my son there and after three days, still can’t believe what I saw.

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