Broken bridges a danger


Several derelict and damaged bridges across Barbados have become a cause of concern for motorists and pedestrians alike.

From Lowlands, Christ Church, in the south to Martin’s Bay, St John, in the East, bridges were spotted either in a state of disrepair or overgrown with bush where missing blocks or barriers ought to be.

And in some cases they are dark and would be nearly impossible for a motorist to easily spot at night.

One of the most dangerous bridges was found in Martin’s Bay, where not only has a section completely collapsed, but it presents a deep drop for any unfortunate motorist who fails to properly navigate the twisting road.

Tall trees and grass cover what is estimated to be about an eight- or nine-foot drop onto rocks below.

A pedestrian who happened to be passing when the SATURDAY SUN visited the spot recently said residents had made several enquiries about getting the bridge repaired.

While preferring to remain anonymous, she said it seemed like a serious accident had to occur before something was done.

“Down here can be a very dangerous place to drive, especially at night-time or when the road is wet if you aren’t familiar with the area,” she explained.

“If a driver makes a mistake, he could tumble down several feet down there. That drop could kill somebody.”

Just a bit farther up, another battered bridge looms.

While not as hazardous, it has a section that is completely overrun with grass and is missing some of the concrete slabs which would prevent a vehicle from toppling over.

Overlooking the St George valley near Stepney and on the approach to Watts Village is another long bridge which is also overrun with bush.

Over in Lowlands, a number of smaller bridges were also spotted that could present a problem to motorists.

Several concrete blocks were missing, and like the previous ones, were being taken over by wild grass and vegetation.

The roadworks going on near Coral Ridge aren’t on a bridge, but a large open trench, which is being dug to facilitate the laying of a 12-inch water main, has caught the attention of several drivers.

They say that while it has also narrowed the road, they are afraid a car could end up in the trench in the event of an accident.

“I know that repairs have to be done to the roads to improve them, but the workers could at least cover the trench when they are done. That can be very dangerous at night,” a concerned motorist said.

Another said he felt there should be more signs so drivers would be aware of the trench, especially at night.

“I know out here well because I drive out here every day,” he said. “But there needs to be better signage for those people who don’t drive out here regularly.”


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