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PUDDING & SOUSE: Can’t shake baby daddy


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When a woman loves a man, it seems no matter what he does, she sticks with him.

Residents in a certain district are reporting such a situation. A woman there had a child for a man after they were together for years. Yet he left her when the child was a toddler and married someone else.

Yet the two of them are still a number – sometimes parking out in his car with its dark-tinted windows, or at her house during the day when she is off.

Though a few men passed through since the child father married three years ago, they never stick around for long. Either his constant presence runs them or maybe she can’t seem to move on after all this time.

For a few months a Rasta man with a white car has been seen around, and less has been seen of the child father. Residents are waiting to see how long this relationship will last.

One of them has said if the child father starts his regular daily or nightly rendezvous again, they will stop the Rasta man at the top of the gap and let him know what is really going on.

Duped by churchgoer

A man is reportedly losing his mind after a woman made a fool of him. From what P&S was told, the churchgoing woman met the man while attending service and encouraged the friendship.

However, she never went the distance with the man, claiming she wanted to turn her life around and live a godly life.

The man, who also had been worldly before going to church, decided that he too would seek to do the right thing by waiting for marriage.

In the interim, the man did whatever he could to make the woman comfortable and spent a good few hundred dollars to improve her old house for her and her children.

In the last few weeks, though, he noticed a change in the woman. She missed church a couple of Sundays and he no longer heard her every day and night like before. And when he did speak with her she would be short and evasive.

So the man decided to go by the woman unannounced. When he knocked on the door the woman looked out and told him to go away as she could not speak with him.

But not getting the hint, the love-struck man continued knocking. That’s when a man came outside and told him to get from around his place.

With the woman looking on through the window, the man told the churchgoer he was back from prison and he was taking care of his woman again.

Now the man is feeling like a fool for allowing himself to be duped into believing that this woman could have really changed. He feels particularly hurt that he never got a whiff of her scent, yet spent hundreds of dollars.

There goes the ’hood

Residents in a St Michael district are vex as hell at how a “low-islander” could come into their neighbourhood and change its face.

Their beef is that the man, who is a mechanic, has planted nearly a dozen vehicles on a vacant lot opposite the house he is renting, and now the whole place looks like some large open air garage.

What residents in the surrounding avenues are particularly peeved about is that their children who used the open lot to play “catcher”, football, fly kites or just ride their bikes can no longer do so.

But most of their anger is directed at the owner of the land who would not do anything about it, though he has been told.

As far as the residents are now concerned, this mechanic is being allowed to get away with foolishness because the owner seems frightened, or simply does not care what happens to the land since he doesn’t live in the area.

The residents say maybe the owner would rethink his position if he visited the lot one day and saw the oil spills, the build-up of garbage from men eating and dropping containers – as well as being “hit” by the smell of urine left from their habit of relieving themselves between the cars.


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