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DEAR CHRISTINE: My advice to all young girls


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Dear Christine,

I met a man one day whom I grew to love. During the relationship (not before), he told me he was married but he and his wife were not living together so I kept on being friends with him.

Since my parents never really allowed me to leave the house after a certain time, I would leave school to see this man. I was only 15 when this was happening. I am so sorry that I did what I did back then because now he has gone back to his wife who is pregnant for him.

Christine, because I loved this man I would have done anything for him. I had to dodge and peep about to make sure none of my school friends saw me. This man would physically abuse me if I said I did not want to make love.

During that time I had two abortions. In fact, all I can say I got from that man were abortions, beatings, sex and some clothes. I went through all this because my mother never spent money on me to purchase clothes or shoes.

In order for me to get in style, I had to do it on my own. My mother never asked where I got the money from as she was too busy taking care of herself.

I am now 17 years old and still at school because I made up my mind to do well with my schoolwork. I wish I could wipe out my entire past. However, I cannot.

I am writing this letter to tell all the young girls who are being encouraged to live the life I have lived to say no, or to stop before it is too late. In the end they are the ones to suffer. No one will ever know what I went through for this guy.

– L.L.

Dear L.L.,

I am sorry to hear what you’ve been through, but I am also happy to know that you made it through these storms in your life. Your letter should be an eye-opener to other young girls who are being abused by the men who prey on their young bodies in exchange for so-called stylish gifts. It is not worth it.

I am so glad you realise this and that you are now concentrating on your schoolwork. Soon you’ll be old enough to leave home.

I hope your mother realises her mistakes in not providing for your personal welfare.

Put the past behind you and be the good person I believe you are at heart.



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