There are Barbadians walking around “with their heads high” who are financing Barbados’ drug trade, Acting Commissioner of Police Tyrone Griffith has said.

Identifying “financiers of drugs in Barbados” as among white-collar criminals, he pointed out this type of criminal was different from the “people who get on the blocks and order the death of individuals”.

“There are individuals in this country who believe that they are above the law,” Griffith charged, but he vowed that “as long as I am in charge, I am going to make sure that we do all to weed out those persons, small or big, who are involved in criminal activity.”

Updating the Rotary Club West on the state of crime at its meeting on Tuesday night at Bagatelle Great House, St Thomas, the police chief said: “We are noticing very large-scale fraud in Barbados, and in some of the instances, some of the very people that are involved in the large-scale frauds are also involved in other illicit crimes.”


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