Abstract forms


If you have not yet visited the Eljodii Studio Gallery at Tyrol Cot, St Michael, you really should.

There you will see the works of artists Dianne Walcott and Elon Lewis on display.

Described as the “Magnificent Duo”, a name attributed to them since their first trip to China in 2011, Eljodii is said to be the ultimate plethora of artistic expression primarily in clay, with some paintings which add to the décor of the gallery.

The two artists specialise in functional, irregular, sculptural figurative realism and abstract forms.

Eljodii’s quest is to strive for superior innovativeness and the goal is to offer a new approach to promote the use of Scotland clay of Barbados.

On this page are a variety of sculptures which were created by the Eljodii team. (CH)


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