Cops ‘in breach’


Even if the High Court rules in favour of 14 police officers who are challenging their omission from a list of promotions two years ago, the Police Service Commission’s (PSC) decision to promote other officers will not change.

Attorney at law Tariq Khan, who is representing the PSC, also argued that the protesting officers acted in breach of the Royal Barbados Police Force’s General Orders since they did not seek permission from the commission before taking legal action.

He further submitted that the officers’ actions had the potential to destabilise the force, adding their claims lacked substance and merit.

Khan’s arguments were presented on the first full day of hearing of the civil matter before Justice Margaret Reifer in the No. 2 Supreme Court.

The matter is the result of an injunction granted by the High Court where the police officers charged that their omissions breached the principles of natural justice and was an abuse of power. (SD)


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