Martindale and Cozier show their mettle


No time clocks, but drivers gave good accounts of themselves at the Barbados Auto Racing League’s (BARL) Reunification event and awards ceremony at the Vaucluse Raceway last Sunday.

Cars in groups of five saw drivers picking good lines as they negotiated the recently cleaned up racing facility and have set the tone for their upcoming race meet slated for Bushy Park later this month. Before a sizable crowd which started gathering at the

St Thomas track, from early, Wayne “Manou” Manning in a Citgo Lubricants 205 Peugeot GTI, Tyrone Martindale in a Honda CRX, Greg “Hotty” Cozier in the Huzier Lubricants Ford Escort RS2000, and group champion Danny Wiles in the Champion Sparkplugs Toyota Starlet, all sped away from their respective groups during the sessions.

Preparation of the track was attended by Danny Croney and Nicholas King.

Starting in ten-second intervals drivers showed that they lost little of their respective talents since their last meeting in June last year as they contested five-lap runs and were able to reduce the interval by the time they took the red flag which signalled the end of the session.

But the day also had its fair share of disappointments as some drivers suffered mechanical problems of varying kinds during the day’s action, among them Stuart Knagg whose Start Fish/God & Company Toyota Starlet was sidlined for the entire day, while Wiles, after looking impressive, missed a session with oil pressure problems.

Former BARL champion driver Kenrick “Snappa” Husbands, who was sharing the No. 26 Toyota Corolla with Peter Woodroffe, was also a driver catching the eye, along with Justin Campbell in a BMW, Ryan Francis in a Ford Escort MkI and former Barbados Karting Association (BKA) champion driver Tremaine Forde-Catwell in a Nissan.

Speaking after the event, Wiles said he was pleased with the way the event was run and is looking forward to the upcoming events of the season.

“I really enjoyed myself apart from the minor issue I had with the car early in the day.

“I know I will be ready for the remainder of the action.”

BARL’s chairman Stefan Hinds was also pleased with the way things had gone, adding that the drivers showed that they wanted to get back into action and that their mechines were still in good shape.

“I think that the event went very well.

“Praise must to the marshals, the sponsors and the drivers, who despite the absence of time clocks, they got a chance to see how their cars were performing,” Hinds explained.

During the day’s action American-based Barbadian driver Windel “Cush” Holmes, Kenrick Husbands and Danny Wiles featured in a demonstation of specially prepared Toyota cars, one of which was for sale.

Thirty-seven drivers took part in the day’s action.


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