Town Planner: It’s not our fault


Chief Town Planner Mark Cummins says his department is not to blame fo the delay in granting permission to B’s Recycling to relocate its business from Cane Garden to Vaucluse in St Thomas.

Responding to criticisms from a number of callers, particularly businessman Andrew Bynoe, whose brother Paul Bynoe is managing director of the recycling plant, Cummins told Starcom Network’s Down To Brass Tacks yesterday that the applicant was responsible for some of the hold-up.

“The majority of time that this application has been with us, the majority of that has either been spent waiting on the terms of reference, waiting on the environmental assessment or waiting on the submission,” he told the radio call-in programme.

“From my recollection it is a case where it has taken the applicant in excess of six months to put the applicant information together. The unfortunate thing is the applicant is fully aware of this process because the applicant company has been kept abreast of what has been going on.”

Cummins pointed out that the application would be submitted to the relevant minister by next week.

Bynoe telephoned the programme and vented about the situation.


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