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MAVIS BECKLES: When a woman loves a man


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I know a lot o’ women gine wash me off in cuss when duh read my column this week but at the end of the day I know some o’ dem who got conscience gine admit dat I right.

Look, ya always hear people, men especially, talking ’bout when a man love a woman, how bewitch he does get. Duh does talk ’bout how foolish she does have him and how he now doing all the lot o’ things dat he nevah used tuh do and say dat he would nevah do. All because he’s in love wid a woman.

In the Percy Sledge hit song When A Man Loves A Woman, he does be singing ’bout all the many things a man would and does do when he loves a woman. But, ya see, dat sort o’ thing so doan happen too often.

It is in the rare case dat a man does really get on so and do all o’ dem things dat Percy Sledge singing ’bout. I ain’t know who man he singing ’bout; it might be ’bout heself.

Truthfully, I think it is the other way around. I think it is when a woman love a man because leh me tell you something: when a woman love a man, she does turn a blind eye and do some o’ evah kinda thing tuh keep him. Anything at all! Dat is why I think Percy Sledge’s song was suppose tuh be ’bout when a woman loves a man.

Lemme tell you something: duh got some women who does love a man tuh he every fault. These women like duh does worship the very dirt the man walk pon and the men does be able tuh get these women tuh do anything duh want, including thief, tell lies, sometimes even cuss out and leave out duh very family who love dem, if duh come against dah man, hear?

And even though deep down inside she would know it is wrong, she would still do it fuh the man because she love he. I talking from experience.

And, hello! Ya does read it in Dear Christine and I Confess all the time.

Now, fuh instance, in recent times a lot o’ people have been shooting and carrying on like Barbados is the wild Wild West. All of a sudden the place wash way in guns; ya hearing and reading ’bout people driving by and spraying a group o’ men wid bullets or a man get in tuh some kinda altercation wid another man and the man whip out a gun and shoot he.

I mean guns like wildfire just turning up all ovah the place and people getting shoot and kill.

Now, remember, the people who getting shoot or kill off is mostly young men in duh 20s, hear?

And look, when the police hold and charge somebody for it, most o’ the time it does be another young man who ain’t living pon the streets like a vagrant but rather be living in a house wid a woman and children or a mother and sisters and some o’ these very females might even know dat he involved in something, got something stashed away somewhere or even growing something but, duh doan open duh mout’ and say a word tuh a boy because duh love the man.

I know I ain’t wrong because ya only have tuh hear ’bout a young man getting shoot down in the streets and look at who gine be out in the road lying down pon he, bawling, weeping and wailing and gnashing duh teet? He girlfriend and child mother, he sisters or he mother; ya doan see a man.

Ya see, these women all know ’bout but love this man and when ya hear dem talking ’bout this man, who dem know nevah wuk in he life, but does eat the best, dress in the best, drive the best and doan give a damn ’bout a boy; you would swear dat he just come down from Heaven.

You see all o’ this lot o’ criminal activity happening nowadays? It is time the police stop looking for and at the men alone who they think are deeply involved in it and start checking out the women who love dem.

 Mavis Beckles was born and raised in The Orleans. She has an opinion on everything.


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