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PUDDING & SOUSE: Hard to say goodbye


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A former senior official, who recently retired from her high-profile job, has learnt the hard way that when the bell tolls you have to go.

Apparently, after the big retirement party which was held for her and all of the gifts she received for many years of dedicated public service, nobody expected her to turn up for work the week after she retired and take up her seat in her plush office.

In fact, she caused quite a stir in the workplace because the officer who was appointed to her former position had to sit on the outside behind a desk with the junior staff.

There were whispers throughout the compound about her strange behaviour, with people even asking if they should provide her with some counselling since it appeared that she was having difficulty giving up her job. After several days of this happening, a team of very senior officers were brought in to have a quiet word with her and thankfully she has not been seen since.

Tough lesson indeed

An elderly woman has learnt the hard way that when travelling on a bus with schoolchildren you should hold onto your bag tight, tight, tight.

Apparently, the poor woman caught a morning bus which was packed with children from schools in the north. She constantly felt her bag being tugged but thought it was because she was sandwiched between so many of the children. However, when she got to her doctor’s appointment, her purse, which contained cash and all of her credit cards, was missing. A few days later she received a telephone call from a police officer who reported that her purse was found in The City – luckily still containing all her cards, but without the cash.

While the woman has made a report to the school, she wants to warn people to hold on to their possessions when they are travelling in crowded public transport.

Losing touch

A senior Government officer who frequents a lot of rum shops in the St Michael area has been very distant from his workers and it looks like he’s even having problems with his boss, who calls him a goat because he buys equipment that causes Government a lot of wasted money.

He has become so distant from his job that even the workers whom he supervises, especially the guy who drives the tractor, are liming all day.

His reputation is already down the drain but those in his lazy crew are really giving him a bad name.

The bigger boss has stepped in and is now threatening them, saying he’s not going to renew their contracts, but everyone wants to know if this senior official will be removed too.

Accent on show

With so many Bajans being on the breadline, staff at a certain organisation want to know how the company has managed to hire Germans and Jamaicans.

One expat who was hired as a consultant would only sit at her computer all day chatting on social websites and playing games. Throughout her time there, the organisation didn’t make much money because she was slowing down production.

Now that a new man has taken over, everything is going good and production is far better. Staff members are wondering if management has finally realised that bringing in staff from overseas was not beneficial to business.


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