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Parents, learn to trust your child


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Dear Christine,

I would like as many parents as possible to read my letter as I want to offer some advice which I feel would help the mistreated, lonely, unhappy and frustrated children in the world.

To begin with, I feel that people contemplating having children should ask themselves the following questions:

Am I in a position to supporta child?

What if my child has a disability? How would I cope?

Is my partner faithful and supportive enough?

Is my neighbourhood a goodone in which to raise my child?

These are questions which I feel should be seriously considered.If given the proper thought and action there would be fewer children in the world who wish they were never born.

It is hard on the child when parents refuse to trust him or her with even the smallest thing.

Parents should know that it is useless trying to protect their children from everything. Children have to learn to face life. If they are not told the facts and trusted to make sensible judgements, they will never be able to face the various challenges which life offers.

A child who does not get a little freedom will always take advantage of any freedom he or she receives when it comes along.

Parents, learn to trust your children and allow them to grow up knowing that the various experiences they have in life will prepare them for adulthood.

– PL


Dear PL,

Thanks for taking timeto pen this letter. You must have given great thought to what you’ve written, or perhaps, you are talking from yourown experience as a parentor a child.

You’ve presented some very good points and I hope those people to whom they are directed will consider andact on some, if not all, ofyour recommendations.

Too many people [both men and women] become parents without considering the responsibilities involved.This is a pity because invariably the children are the ones who suffer.

Truly loving parents can usually manage the problems, such as having a handicapped child or not having all the money they would like to support their family.

People who become parents carelessly do not have the loving stamina to cope. Life becomes a burden and the children suffer.

I agree that while parents must be protective, some go to the dangerous extreme of denying their youngsters any form of freedom.

I strongly hold the view that children should be told the facts of life from early and made to appreciate and respect themselves. Yes, they need to be disciplined, but they must also be made to feel that their ideas and suggestions are worth a listening ear and they must be taught how to possess a measure of self-worth.

Also of great importance is the opportunity to be allowed some form of healthy recreation and the chance to meet friends of both sexes.




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