From The Archives: Sanitation workers rapped


SANITATION WORKERS IN BARBADOS have been accused of acting irresponsibly and doing jobs outside those they have been employed to do.

Health Minister Billie Miller has said that a number of workers employed with the sanitation department were “selling” insurances and propping up rum-shops.

The minister, apparently concerned about the deprecating sanitation situation also said that a number of workers were not putting in the eight hours they were paid tor.

She said they must realise that if they came into the depot three hours before the scheduled end of work and a supervisor tells them to collect refuse somewhere, it must be done.

At present the Sanitation Department refuse collectors are scheduled to work from 6 a.m. until 2 p.m., but most of them are reported to finish work sometimes as early as 10 a.m.

Officials of the Sanitation Department when contacted said “we have no comment to make on those matters”.

The health minister said that there must be an improvement in the garbage situation and warned that neither the sanitation workers nor offending public will be let off easily.

Miss Miller warned of suspension and even dismissal of workers if their inept work attitude and low productivity continues.

Persons who litter the streets and who allow their lands to be used as garbage dumps will be brought before the courts where they could be fined, while commercial business houses could face stiffer fines.


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