TALK BACK: Bajans wary of Black Belly helping hand


Two experts from Mexico have been in Barbados to determine whether technology they are using at home could impact on the development of the Barbados Black Belly Sheep.

According to a release from the Government Information Service, Dr Raymundo Rangel-Santos and Dr Jose Garcia-Muniz have been focusing on embryo transfer technology to improve the quality of local breeding stock.

They met with officials from the Ministry of Agriculture, farmers and technical developers in the local industry.

Online readers met this news with suspicion. After all, they argued, who could have more expertise about Barbados’ unique Black Belly Sheep than Bajans?

Here are some of the views:

Rommel Parris: I don’t get how we allow people to come to our shores and dictate to us what we already know and have qualified people being paid to carry out this work. I’m more scared as this could be more for us to lose our best sheep and help people get a stronger hold on what they don’t have like patent[ing] their own sheep.

Sherwin Yarde: Nobody can’t be more experts on Black Belly Sheep than Bajans.

Andy R. Boyce: All that will happen is that these so-called experts will steal the strain that we were bragging about for years and then the sheep will be no longer Bajan Black Belly.

Glyn Brathwaite: Too many negative comments. We Bajans must change our mindset.

Francis McClean: How could you improve on nature’s best? Them is God?

Haroon Chothia: These experts gonna take the DNA and genes, etc, and take it back to their country and start breeding . . . . Black Belly Sheep on Wikipedia may have a different origin now.

Stacia Newsam: Looks like somebody looking for new market for themselves. Are we gonna continue to buy all [this] that is sold to us? Experts to improve Black Belly Sheep production my foot.

Charlie Taylor: So I would guess that these guys are Black Belly Sheep experts. Bajans know more about these sheep than anyone.

Horace Boyce: I hope they don’t do to the sheep what they did to sugar cane . . . . Am sure Mr Vaughn at Greenland is quite capable, but we like to give away money.

Meanwhile, the Opposition Barbados Labour Party walkout of Parliament last Tuesday also generated some debate after the Speaker refused a request to debate the Queen Elizabeth Hospital as a matter of urgency.

Margaret Lorde: How is the QEH situation not urgent? What is this Government really doing? Is it me or is there a callousness to their governance?

Sherrylyn Toppin is The Nation’s Online Editor.


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