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LOOKA LEW: Cat luck ain’t dog luck


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LISTEN TO ME: them got a lot of people ’bout here that flying high and living fancy, but nuff of them thiefing, dealing with drugs or selling parts, and I ain’t mean car parts or chicken parts. Wunna know what I saying is true too.

That is why from young, my mother always told me, “Don’t watch people, ’cause when you see people flying, you don’t know who wings they flying with”. Which means that when you see people living a flamboyant lifestyle, you don’t know where they getting the money from.

’Cause when you wanta live like the Joneses and drink champagne and eat lobster every day but you could only afford mauby and chicken steppers, in due course you does end up thiefing, dealing with drugs or selling parts.

And when you thiefing or selling drugs, depending on who you are, you does eventually end up winning an all-inclusive vacation, compliments of the Government of Barbados, up at Dodds Prison and Spa.

Now let me make it clear: I am not saying that because somebody change their car every minute that they doing something wrong to get the money. ’Cause some people just lucky – they either born with a silver spoon in their mouth, butt up on piece o’ change that a old uncle cock up and dead and left for them, hit some lotto money, or they silently working for nuff money but they don’t want nobody, especially the tax man, to know ’bout.

But we got some people who like watching people. So their friend renting nice apartment, driving big car, and buying new clothes every minute and they wanta do that too.

But the friend ain’t telling them that they got a old man paying the rent, a next idiot paying for the hairdo, another bewitch man buying clothes, and a big clown paying for the car they driving.

So they working with cash or access to the chequebooks, and in trying to keep up with their friend’s lifestyle, juck their hands in the people money – in other words, thief.

They do it once and ain’t get catch, so they juck in their hands again and pull out piece more money. They get ’way with that, so they juck in their hands again, but as my good friend Donald Griffith would say, this time when they juck in their hands and pull out expecting to pull out money, they pull out a policeman.

’Cause let me tell you, cat luck ain’t dog luck. Them got people who would thief a million dollars and don’t spend a day in jail. You, on the other hand thief a tin o’ sardines and next minute you on the Front Page of the Nation wearing Government bangles and two police at your side.

You know what I saying is true. You would see a business where the big boys thiefing bad, bad. They get catch and nothing don’t happen; it get hush up. But let the maid thief a roll o’ toilet paper and somebody catch her. In two minutes she somewhere begging for bail.

Now this might not be related to anything I just said, but I notice that they just charged a postman for allegedly thiefing pension cheques and another woman for allegedly cashing them. I honestly believe if a postman gine thief, he should thief my light bill and pay it. Seriously.

Anyhow, I would also like to talk ’bout the seven police that in custody in connection with an illegal drug racket, but I frighten, boh. I aint got no luck, so see ya.

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