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PUDDING & SOUSE: Topping up in the dark


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PEOPLE WHO WORK at a popular Government establishment in the south want to know why a watchman working at another Government department next-door to this place is still employed even though there is proof that he is involved in some shady business.

Apparently, management is in possession of proof that instead of using his eyes to keep watch over the building, this man has been using his fingers to take up property that does not belong to him.

Word has it that every night for the past several years he has been stealing diesel from the company, which he uses to fill up the machine he utilises at his day job.

Friends that sit and drink with him even on the job are aware of what he is doing and make fun of the supervisors who let him get away with this criminal act.

Staff are now beginning to ask who is guarding the guards and who should be guarding the supervisor too.

Free ride fraud

THE SUSPENSION of an island constable has brought that department under scrutiny.

P&S understands that the IC was suspended for showing an ID card on Transport Board buses in order to get free rides.

However, several of his colleagues are saying that management has fingered the wrong man.

They say management should look inside the precincts of the same Transport Board for the culprit, who is still carrying the fake pass that he apparently forged.

Word has it that during a stint working alongside police at a station, this man got dressed in a police officer’s uniform and took a picture of himself, which he later placed in an identification holder. And he has been riding freely around Barbados on public transportation.

VIP no longer welcome

A WELL KNOWN MAN who is out on bail in connection with a long list of offences may be thinking that the best place for him is prison after all.

Since his fortunate release, made possible by a man who doesn’t even know him but who stepped forward to sign his bail, his life has been nothing but pure hell.

We understand that his wife has kicked him to the kerb; his poor mother is so embarrassed that she told someone she wished she never gave birth to him, and his children and other relatives have been disowning him.

According to sources, he never knows where his next meal is coming from and most nights he is at the mercy of “friends” to get a place to rest his head.

People who know this man cannot believe how far he has fallen from the days when he was swimming in dough.

They want to know what he has done with the millions he made over the years and, even more so, what he has done with the proceeds.


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