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LOOKA LEW: Hiding from God’s Word


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SERIOUSLY THOUGH, if my li’l toe had come off when I hit it running to hide from some church people who was knocking at my door, it would have served me right.

I ain’t telling no lie, last Saturday some church people was in the district doing their door to door ministering. To be honest, they does always catch me at a bad time, and even when I decide to open the door and politely tell them I’m busy, them does don’t wanta leave.

I does have to explain what I busy doing. Then them does wanta know who I name, if I ain’t got no time for the Lord and when is a good time to pass back. Then before they leave, insist on giving me some literature that I ain’t gine read. So I came up with a plan to avoid all of that; hide.

If I in the house and I hear a knocking and I ain’t sure who it is, I would tiptoe to a window and and peep, and if it is them I does duck down and run fast and hide.

You see, the reason I decide to hide was because one morning I was home watching some cricket and I heard a knocking. From where I was sitting, I could make out two old ladies and a man standing in the verandah.

So I kept quiet hoping they would go away. But suddenly, one of the old ladies pushed her hand though the louvres, pulled back the curtain, and looked at me and shouted, “sonny boy, we wanta talk to yuh for five minutes.”

I told her I was watching cricket, but that old lady would not move. She stood there looking through the louvres at me for ’bout half-hour. I believe she was waiting for the cricket to done.

So from then, I decide that anytime them at my door, I hiding, cause if they pull back the curtain they can’t see me.

Anyhow, so Saturday I heard the knocking, and from the silhouette through the door it did look like the same very old lady who pulled back my curtains. Man look, I get up and start to run, and hit my li’l toe hard, hard with a capital “H” on the corner of the wall. I hit it so hard that I felt the pain all in my eyebrows.

I thought my li’l toe was off, and the thing is I could not even scream out in pain, cause then the old ladies woulda know that I home. So meanwhile, them outside knocking and I on the floor holding my li’l toe, water coming out my eyes but I can’t say a word.

And I know if that toe cudda talk, it would be cussing me poisonously and wanta know what kinda monkey idiot I could be, that I in my own house and running to hide from people who looking to spread the word of the Lord.

But I realise in talking to people that I ain’t the only body who does run and hide when them people outside knocking.

A woman told me one time she was at home hiding from them, and her li’l girl holla out, “mummy, some people at the door!”

Meanwhile, she was frantically shushing the girl, trying to get her to keep quiet so they would go away, but guess what happened? The li’l girl got up and run to the window laughing and holla out, “my mummy in here hiding!”

See ya.

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