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I CONFESS: Hubby isn’t the father of our daughter


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I HAD NEVER BEEN unfaithful to any man in my life, and if anyone had told me that I would be to my husband, the centre of my life, I would have  told them they were mad. But that’s exactly what happened and I am still asking myself how I could have done that.

You see, after my husband took a job overseas I felt very lonely at home. To ease this loneliness, I became friendly with a younger man.

It was innocent enough at first because we went to church together and would socialise after church, and he had a girlfriend whom he planned to marry. So there was nothing untoward in our friendship.

But after a while we went way beyond just talk.

After leaving his girlfriend’s home at night he would come and stay with me, leaving before sunrise so nobody would see him. This went on for sometime, and it so happened that I became pregnant for him. Of course, this was a big problem, so I had no choice but to have an abortion.

Fortunately, my friend stuck by me during this time.

I was in good health again by the time my husband came home after a year or so, and my friend, who was a true gentleman, kept his distance.

I would call him, but he never returned my calls.

My husband and I talked about starting a family and so we both went to the doctor.

The results showed that he could not have children, but I hid the results from him and he never asked about them.

Soon after my hubby returned to his overseas assignment my friend started coming around once more and I told him everything.

We rekindled our friendship and a few weeks later I was pregnant again.

This time I wrote my husband and told him we were going to have our first baby. He was so happy, he said right away he wanted a boy.

He never once asked me about the results of the test and I did not reveal them.

My husband came home just in time for the birth of our baby – a girl.

Understandably, my friend was very hurt about the whole matter because he could not be with me. He got married just after that and I was happy for him.

This time, when my husband came home again it was for good. I was no longer lonely and our family life was happy and quite peaceful until about a year and a half later when my husband said he wanted to try for a boy.

The fertility test results I had hidden from him those years earlier kept nagging away at my mind. My old lover had moved on, and the only man in my life was my husband – whom I loved, despite my infidelity. I knew it would not be long before he started questioning why I was not getting pregnant a second time after producing a beautiful little girl the first time. I prayed for two things, that he would not ask me about those test results and that by some miracle I would be able to conceive for him.

That was a few years ago and today I can say that I believe in the miraculous power of prayer. I have a baby son and my husband is the father.

Thank God, I cried.

What a relief it was to hear my husband say that with the birth of the boy, our family was complete and that he did not want any more children.

Every day I thank God for my family and ask for his forgiveness. (NA)


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