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Be bowled over by his style


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TINO BEST SPENDS most of his time in cricket whites. But white isn’t his favourite colour: “Anything goes for me . . . . But I find that brighter colours pop and my complexion lends to me wearing just about any colour.”

Tino comes from a family of well-dressed women, citing his aunt Margaret (fashion designer), grandmother Marcia and mum Yvette as his inspirations.

“My grandmum always says clothes don’t enhance the man, you enhance the clothes.”

And Tino doesn’t play by any fashion rules . . . he makes his own.

“I am very easy-going. I don’t put much thought into what I am going to wear. It all depends on the occasion.

“We live in the Caribbean so I’m into short pants and vest. For more formal settings I go with slacks and shirt or a suit.”

Tino says he likes to be neat so his clothing are fitted.

“I tend to buy more European clothing. My grandparents live in England and like to shop for me.

“I also find that when I buy that type I don’t have to do much tailoring to get it to fit my physique.”

Tino’s shopping spots are H&M, Hugo Boss and Calvin Klein to name a few.

“I can take a £30 H&M suit and make it look like it’s an Armani suit worth £1 000.”

Tino’s wardrobe consists of more than T-Shirts, vests and suits – he is into watches . . . with an extensive, expensive collection.

“I don’t like jewellery but a beautiful watch gets me anytime,” he said laughing.

For footwear he is a “wingtips”, calling them classic and timeless.

“I own sneakers but the older you get the more your priority changes. I would spend US$300 on a pair of Hugo Boss before I spend US$500 on Jordans.

“That is my own thoughts. Not everyone thinks like that but for me you don’t have to break the bank to buy expensive brands. You can still get what looks good on you for less.”

Tino has to keep up his physique as his job entails him being fit.

“I work out regularly. I have a gym built into my home and I use it fastidiously.”

A healthy body is a healthy mind, he stated.


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