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STREET BEAT: Having the time of their lives


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EASTER VACATION is almost over and Barbadian schoolchildren are squeezing every drop of fun they can before returning to the classroom, where some have to face examinations which will shape their futures.

Street Beat joined them out in the sun riding, swinging, running, flying kites or just enjoying the fresh air. 

In College Savannah, St John, a group of cousins were riding on a strange looking contraption which looked like a cross between a bicycle and a go-kart. They said it was a drift trike, but it was no ordinary drift trike.

“This is better than the ones you can get in town because it is home-made and you can’t fall off it as easily; it is too heavy and you can drift better too,” said Junior Marcus.

While the boys said it was not so easy to fall, a few of them still sported bruises from spills but they said a few scrapes were not going to deter them from the fun of zooming down a hill while making sharp turns.

Over at the Sealy Hall racing stable, brothers Ryan and Daeandre Forde and friend Kevon Howell were enjoying a game of cricket. Ryan is a jockey who rode his first race as an apprentice on Gold Cup day this year. He hopes to be racing again tomorrow. As for the others, they are grooms and plan to pursue careers in horse racing – Daeandre as a trainer and Kevon as a groom – when they leave school.

“We just waiting for the boss to come back so we can go riding down by the Baptist College to give the horses some exercise,” said Daeandre.

The young men also used the opportunity to show the team a one-year-old foal named Blazing Jane. They said the mare was one to look out for and would be the next sensation in local horse racing.

Daeandre and Kevon said they would be undertaking school-based assessments upon their return to school but had not been keeping up to date with the current issues surrounding the marking of the assessments. At any rate, they said they were looking forward to going back and continuing their favourite subjects – English and mathematics, respectively.

The final stop was at Codrington College, the peaceful, beautiful space where nature appears at harmony with the modern world. There one can feed fish or ducks by the pond, relax or romp in the play park or take a stroll around the grounds.

The young and the young at heart were in the play park. One woman, who identified herself only as Maria, said she and her daughter Eden were in the area and decided to stop by.

“I came to Codrington College to have fun with my daughter. We fed the fish and the ducks until we ran out of biscuits and now we in the play park,” she said.

As Eden made fast friends with some local children, Maria kept in the thick of things, using the swings and the see-saw like she was finding her second childhood.

Sitting on his own using a tablet was Rashawn Taylor. In an interesting contrast, the youth said he was too old for such games and was here to supervise his younger cousins. He told the team he wished vacation would last longer so he would not have to go back to school yet but admitted there was also some excitement in returning.


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