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FLYING FISH & COU COU: Too close for comfort


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WELL, WELL! JUST IMAGINE – the job has not yet been advertised and word on the street is that family of the short man will be getting the top position.

What makes things worse is that it was so suggested on the airwaves for all Barbados to hear.

And the question many who are hoping to benefit from the organisation’s activities are asking: How can this be?

A number of people who like singing, and dancing and recording music, and  staging shows and all the artistic things  were talking up a storm in Eden Lodge this week after word came out that someone from the household of the pint-size deacon of Silver and Gall Hill was being given the opportunity ahead of all others.

The loudmouths who were in discussion said it would be unfair if all the jobs in this new entity were not advertised to ensure the best candidates were considered. If the extended relative of the deacon was the best person, after the interviews, then so be it.

Interestingly, those carrying on the discussion feel that the man called to lead should fit in, whether it was in Belmont or whether he drifted into the Adriatic Sea. Many people say he should not dance around this issue but insist on the process being rigorously followed. At least the loudmouthed, short-tempered man who is a comrade of Fidel and Raul Castro should ensure that good is done unto all men.

If the procedures are not followed people feel the deacon could become a martyr unnecessarily.

Jockeying for position

NOW THAT THE WOMAN IN WHITE has indicated that all her lieutenants will be soon known as she prepares to go into battle, expect to hear noises from some of those who badly want to lead a platoon.

The big joke is the number of them who want to carry the fight against the silent one, hoping to emerge from the battle as a hero. Already some have been moving to get exposure at community events. One was readily accommodated during the recent South Coast festival by the organisers who are  staff sergeants in the army of the woman in white.

Insiders are saying that all eyes must be towards the east since new warfare is required against the guereillas operating  in those valleys, gullies  and open pastures.

The former lieutenants there were so badly bruised in the last battle that they have been discharged, two honourably,  while it was not clear whether the third simply deserted.

But the one name everyone waiting to see whether it come forward is the business leader. This former telecoms  bigwig who before the last count was making bold predictions in Wildey, got it wrong terribly wrong on that occasion. He looked on in amazement and saw not even wifey’s comrade could make it against the sweet-sounding joker who comes across as a Southern Baptist preacher. The feeling is that a lot will depend on what his principal, Peter of Konkan, who is known to play ball with both sides, decides.

Stumbling in stilettos

SOME BUSINESS PEOPLE are calling for a special audit of a statutory corporation which is demanding that it gets all the money due to it.

They want the wonder boy in the silent man’s team to address a vexing issue before it becomes a public uproar. They are saying that, imagine a contract was awarded to three stiletto swaggers to undertake a project which could help protect from rum to condiments and all other things uniquely Bajan. The object is to ensure that as champagne is to France so is flying fish and cou cou to Barbados.

But the word regarding the confusion is that these three GIs will hardly ever get promoted since they do not know how to lead not even a unit far less a platoon. They have wisely asked for training so they can eventually be equipped to do the commander’s job.

The wonder boy needs to investigate these developments especially since there is an experienced captain out there capable of doing the job, without any training.    

Keeping low profile

THE LOUDEST MOUTH at the school known for its bragging rights is keeping quiet these days.

It is not only because his throat is giving trouble, but what may be causing the problem, and he is really frightened.  All the talk he has and the many protestations from him – whether good, bad or simply foolish – he is holding a low profile. People close to him say he is running scared. He is hoping that it is nothing too serious. Some people say it has been causing him to have some introspection. So, he isn’t condemning the silent man, not saying anything about Bro. Crackin Skulls not even supporting nor criticising his favourite woman in White. He is just worried.

He feels the dirty wells near a canteen is the source of his problems. Everybody is wishing him well and hoping he sees that he is not invincible.


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