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DEAR CHRISTINE: Please help older man in dire need


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Dear Christine,

PLEASE PERMIT ME to highlight the plight of a gentleman who is in dire need of assistance.

This once vibrant, hard-working man has fallen on very hard times and with rapidly failing health, he has been living in terrible conditions with no family, only a few friends who really cannot assist in any substantial way.

He is 66 years of age, lives alone and cannot survive until he is eligible and actually starts receiving pension.

A few of us have gotten together to try to do what we can to help him and a few others in similar positions, but with limited means ourselves, we cannot do as much as we would like. This gentleman’s side door is falling off, he does not have food in the house and he depends on whatever is kindly offered him – not even sure it is on a daily basis.   

He recently received his water bill and is concerned that he may lose the service since he is in no position to pay the bill.  We considered paying the bill – but could only do one or the other so we opted to get him some food instead. He also needs assistance getting to the clinic to receive medical attention. There is much more I could say about his bad state but it would take up too much of the column. He does receive Home Help but he only gets that every fortnight and he really needs much more care.

He was hard-working when he was able, but has gone through his meagre savings once his health started to deteriorate and he could no longer work. It is really a shame to see him in this state, through no fault of his own.

Christine, we are imploring your readers to help this man, in whatever way they can, to allow him the basics and essentials in life that every human being deserves.

I am attaching his information which you can pass on to anyone willing to help.

– Deeply Concerned

Dear Deeply Concerned,

Your letter is so sad and touching. Having had an opportunity to look into this situation, I am satisfied that what you’ve written is true and of a great concern.

I am appealing to kind-hearted individuals to reach out to this elderly man who truly needs all the help he can get. I am also appealing to any hardware entity to donate a door to avoid him being at the mercy of the elements.

I have asked my assistant to follow up. Anyone desirous of donating food, toiletries, and so on, can drop these items off at The Nation or contact 430-5470.

In the meantime, I will see what little I can do.



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