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St Kitts government pursuing more opportunities for farmers


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Basseterre, St Kitts – Agriculturalists in St Kitts and Nevis can look forward to additional opportunities to pursue international studies in a related field thanks to negotiations being undertaken by the government.

While addressing the opening of the Crime, Greenhouse Technology and Leadership Workshop recently, Minister of Agriculture Eugene Hamilton, explained that increasing the number of career professionals in agriculture was a priority.

“This ministry is committed to source and provide where possible, [at least] three agricultural scholarships per year so that we can all embrace new technology in agriculture and get our young people educated in the skills so that change can come to the ministry and to the entire country,” he emphasised. 

Negotiations are ongoing with several educational institutions as well as friendly governments including the government of Morocco. Persons wishing to remain closer to home can register for agriculture-related classes at the Clarence Fitzroy Bryant College being implemented with support from the University of Central Florida.

Minister Hamilton referenced the ambition shown by the St Kitts-Nevis Agricultural Youth Forum – which organised the workshop – and the 46 participants, noting their attitude to advance agricultural activities, to expand commercial production, increase domestic farming and change the stereotypes associated with farming was a clear signal the “future of agriculture is in good hands”.

“We have a generation of young people that are abreast with the ever evolving and emerging technologies in the agricultural industries,” he stated.

“These young people feel an urge and a need to keep up and to fit into our agricultural pursuits and practices. … There is need for deliberate efforts by government and by private sector to engage our youth – this highly productive youth of individuals – for better returns in agriculture and better returns in our nation.” 

This resonates even more given the challenges posed by climate change which is harming food supply and weather patterns, as well as the need to increase food security given the instability that exists in several regions around the world. (PR)



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