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GAL FRIDAY: Karaoke with the columnists


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I WENT DOWN to Holetown while Lowdown was going down to lowtown on Monday. While I was making a purchase, he was frolicking with the mammals in St Andrew.

However, he’d sent me on a mission: to purchase some of his produce from an establishment on the West Coast. I consented, since I had to pick up a few things on the way; and found myself at the mercy of the cashier, who insisted on reading my Nation before she handed it to her colleague who was packing my paraphernalia.

Observing my not-amused-at-all facial expression, the following conversation ensued:

Packer: You! Why you doh buy a paper instead a reading she paper, tho?

Cashier: You best hush you tail. You pay for dis paper? Is d woman paper, not yours!

I waan’ see if this is Gully Bop ‘pon d front page! You like you tink you is a manager bout here. You only packing bags, darlin’ so know yuh place!

Massy day come, but massa day not done. It was the typical kitchen versus field slave mentality.

There is a coarseness with which we treat one another, almost as if we lack the ability to see that we are all equal, in spite of positions we may occupy within an organisation.

The mission of the Competency-Based Training Fund is a noble one; and although it may seem as feeding the multitudes with a few fish, it is hoped that the funds are spread as far as possible. Manners, etiquette and empathy are societally deficient and may sadly continue, if nothing – or too little – is done.

It starts with our children. This is why I must salute Stacy Mottley and the team at the Barbados Public Workers’ Co-operative Credit Union for their annual Easter Camp. I had the privilege of speaking with the campers last week, and the programme of events and activities revealed that the credit union was certainly trying to do its part in moulding well-shaped adults.

If more entities contribute with such a focus in mind, we’d surely reap better social rewards.

The reality is this: Republic or not, one of the most urgent issues to address is the mental state of our people.

On another note, the CHUM FM One Republic concert here in Barbados was certainly of the people, for the people and by the people.

The free tickets on local and international radio stations went like hot fish cakes; and the focus was on Barbados as a classy entertainment destination, yet again.

BTMI folks are chummy with the right people, in the right places.

Before I go, I must say what a pleasure it was to meet Adrian Green. Have you been reading him on Sundays? It’s the man’s voice, though – smooth like RPB’s head.

Editor, do you think you could organise a karaoke session for columnists?

Hoadie, Lew, Antoinette, Corey, Toni, Broomes, Cozier . . . woo!

I don’t want to rub Desmond Weekes the wrong way, but that karaoke would be sweeeeet!!!

Veoma Ali is an author, broadcaster, advertising exec and most important, a karaoke lover.


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