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Marlon’s muscle moves


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MARLON DOTTIN holds six fitness titles – all of which he holds in high esteem. But two stand heads and shoulders above the rest.

“The two Central American and Caribbean Games in 2013 and 2014. Being picked to represent Barbados is not an opportunity that comes daily. So after I was chosen to be a part of the teams I was not going to let the chance pass. I placed second in the Dominican Republic (2013) and won my height class in St Maarten in 2014.”

Marlon’s first official title and first competition was Mr Physique 2013 which he decided to enter after viewing a few clips on YouTube.

“I just wanted to try and I was nervous. My nerves got relaxed a bit after and the loud cheers from the crowd pushed me further. Going into the competition I had no expectations. My excitement got more pumped when I was in top two. Then when I was announced the winner I was very happy.”

The 37-year-old sales, standing at 5ft 6 inches and weighing 178 pounds, started training ten years ago.

“I can’t remember what weight I was back then but I was very slim,” he said, laughing. “I used to be into a lot of sports, playing cricket and scrimmage but time was a factor in doing that so I used the gym as a substitute.”

Over the years the hard work at the gym has paid off.

Along with the three titles previously mentioned, the St Michael School past student from Wheelers, St Philip, has also won Nationals 2013  and 2014, the Darcy Beckles Classic in 2013  and Mr Bridgetown 2014.

While he is not sure of entering any competition this year he is still currently training: “I am still undecided about Nationals this year. But I am working on improving what I consider my weak areas.

“I have no fixed daily schedule but I train four to five days a week, targeting each body part at least twice a week and also include an hour of cardio twice a week. My current workout plan works well but is often altered close to competition time.”

His meal plans is simple: five to six meals per day approximately every three hours from various food groups (carbs are sweet potato, breadfruit, sometimes rice; protein is beef, chicken and fish – mostly tuna; veggies are okras, cucumbers, broccoli and, of course fruit).

“I also use various Twin-Lab products for supplementation.

“When I am in the off season I have cheat meals [Pizza is his favourite] as I do not believe in cheat meals while prepping for a competition. I won’t tell anyone I stay in shape all year round, as I do not, but on season there are no cheat meals, and emphasis is placed on portion control.”

Marlon’s workouts are brutal but his three favourite exercises are squats: they target major muscle groups in the legs; sit-ups or crunches: work well for core; and deadlifts: target the lower back well.

“I work out to be evenly proportioned.”

Marlon said fitness and physique are not simple stuff that you can achieve by cutting corners.

“I am learning to educate myself in various aspects of fitness and training. I have made many mistakes earlier, like starting my diet and cardio a bit too early prior to competition time. I have learnt not to do this if I want to maintain a certain weight for the competition.

“I am a people person and I want to help people achieve their fitness goals.”


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